Exhaust Hood



Q: I am seeing some really austere looking hoods on Pinterest and wonder what guiding principles I should be thinking about.




A. We’ve had plenty of questions about exhaust hoods come in and would be happy to give you the basics of choosing your own. If you’re worried about allergies and interested in learning a little bit more about how they work, check out a previous post on why you can breathe easy with your exhaust hood https://liveaco.com/askdavid/breath-easy.




As for guidelines on choosing your hood, here are a few tips:




1. Under Cabinet Mount: This type of range hood is attached to the bottom of a cabinet. It may duct directly out of the back, go up through the cabinet or go up a little and then go out the back. With this type of hood, you may lose some storage space in the cabinet.




The Ripley Kitchen is a great example of the under cabinet mount. It works well with many kitchens! https://liveaco.com/projects/ripley-kitchen-and-bathroom




2. Wall Mount: The wall mount of this vent hood is directly fixed to the wall and may have a decorative chimney or soffit to line up with the top of your cabinets and disappear into your ceiling. It might have an internal or remote blower and it may duct out the back, straight up or up and horizontal.




A great wall mount example is in the Tidwell Kitchen. Don’t miss out on this sleek and modern design! https://liveaco.com/projects/projectstidwell-kitchen




3. Ceiling or Island Mount: This type of range hood will hang from your ceiling ove an island or peninsula. It might also hang from peninsula wall cabinets. You can choose to hang it higher to avoid blocking a view. 




One of our favorite kitchens displaying a great example of a ceiling mount is the Nytes/Obrien Kitchen. https://liveaco.com/projects/nytesobrien-kitchen







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