Exploring Bold and Unique Carpet Trends

Exploring Bold and Unique Carpet Trends

Carpet is a perennial classic, but these bold and unique carpet trends will have you forgetting everything you thought you knew about it. Forget shag. Forget the bland builder basic carpet. This flooring solution allows you to introduce luxurious color, texture, and pattern into your space, and products are cleaner, healthier, and more durable than ever.

Today’s carpet trends capitalize on the many benefits of the material while adding undeniable style, elegance, and versatility. Let’s explore.

Bold Carpet Trends That’ll Change Your Mind – and Your Space

There’s a reason carpet has stuck around through the decades: It is cozy, comfortable, and warm. But there’s also a reason why it is often relegated to the scrap heap of design: It can feel dated, dirty, and “budget-friendly” (and not in a good way). Advances in materials, construction, and, of course, style, have revolutionized carpet. While durability, stain resistance, wear resistance, health, and safety are key, let’s dive into the fun stuff: Carpet trends that’ll transform your space.

Luxury Materials Lead the Way

You may have trod across carpet that felt like it was made of old straw and sadness. Not today, friends! In fact, the array of materials from which high-end carpet is constructed is astonishing. Top manufacturers, like Stanton, offer luxe bamboo, cotton, jute, linen, seagrass, sisal, acrylic and poly silk blends… The list goes on and on but topping it in our book is wool.

Appealing to your practical side, high-end wool carpet:

  • Offers exceptional, natural durability.
  • Repels dirt and stains.
  • Is an environmentally friendly and sustainable flooring option.
  • Provides insulation and helps regulate temperature.
  • Is fire-resistant.
  • Absorbs sound.
  • Is hypoallergenic.

Whether you opt for wool or another luxurious material, you can achieve the perfect balance of functionality and beauty in your space.

Colors That Speak to You

Carpet is warmth. It’s comfort and luxurious warmth. It’s no surprise that colors are trending towards neutral palettes that convey a sense of tranquility. We see deep browns, tans, warm siennas and taupes, whites, grays and greiges, and even coastal-inspired blues gaining in popularity from manufacturer’s like Shaw. At the same time, deeper tones, like earthy terracottas and dark greens, can be a great (and perhaps unexpected) way to balance out a room or two while adding your own personality and flair. Nature-inspired, these colors bring calm to the home so we can leave the chaos at the door.

Neutral is a dominant force, but bold, vibrant, and daring are also coming to the fore in 2024. If you want to make a statement, you may find yourself leaning towards rich blues, reds, and greens. These more powerful shades can complement neutral elements beautifully.

Play with Patterns

Contemplating carpet can be intimidating – and we haven’t even added pattern and texture to the mix yet! Don’t be afraid. Adopting an attitude of exploration is helpful, so let’s just imagine for a moment. There’s a marked trend towards eye-catching patterns, such as geometric shapes, checkerboard, color block, swirls, florals, and abstracts. Suppliers like Anderson Tuftex and Shaw are a must-visit for inspiration.

The quiet hero here just may be the simple stripe. This is an easy way to introduce visual interest to a space and, depending on the stripe, either elongating spaces or extending the perception of height. Wider stripes can create a chic, modern look, and we’re seeing more people gravitate towards contrasting colors that make a striking impact. And, if you are ready to be even more daring, consider integrating other striped textiles, especially in contrasting directions.

Let’s Talk Texture

Texture can elevate the look effortlessly, boosting interest and the very experience you enjoy in your home. We’re seeing more cut-loop and looped options, which are terrific for adding dimension and depth. Again, the next-level move is to combine different textures, as well as pile heights and colors. The design possibilities are endless, especially when you take into account your other textiles and furnishings. Layering in texture prevents a “same-old, mass-produced” look, so you can truly customize your space.

What Now?

It’s one thing to learn about bold and unique carpet trends. It’s quite another to incorporate them into your home. What if you try to use contrasting colors and create a clashing mess? What if you opt for a pattern and find yourself stymied about accessorizing the rest of the room? And what if a trending color loses your interest after a year? Is carpet even right for you?

All critical questions and valid concerns! The trick is to incorporate trends in a way that aligns with your lifestyle, needs, and interests. An even better trick is to seek expert advice! ACo wants you to love where you live – and to find the comfort and safety you crave from floor to ceiling. Our design team is happy to help you navigate the options, select carpet that ticks all of your boxes, and create style and beauty that stands the test of time.

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