Facebook Live – Hallmark Home Mortgage

Facebook Live – Hallmark Home Mortgage

On this week’s Designer Chat on Facebook, ACo Designer, Mia Farrell & Jon Hayes of Hallmark Home Mortgage discuss how the two companies have paired up to help homeowners love where they live.

One of the main stressors caused by a home renovation is the financial burden that comes along with the project. Let’s face it, any large-scale remodel is expensive and sometimes paying for the project isn’t as simple as pulling money from a savings account. But at ACo, Hallmark Home Mortgage can help.

Hallmark has developed a loan, known as the Toolbox Renovation Loan, that uses the home’s post-project appraised value to refinance the home, allowing there to be enough funds to complete the remodel without emptying the homeowner’s pockets. Jon gives an example from a project Hallmark and ACo just finished up and explains how simple, streamlined, and worry-free the process is for the homeowner.

So, if you are considering a remodel and want to learn more about how ACo & Hallmark Home Mortgage can help, connect with us to schedule a free consultation with one of ACo’s talented designers. Our team will set you up with a Hallmark Home Mortgage Consultant and together, we can all help you love where you live.


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