Facebook Live with Lisa Eckerle of Sort Support

Facebook Live with Lisa Eckerle of Sort Support

This week’s Designer Chat focuses on keeping kitchens and pantries well organized. With Lisa Eckerle of Sort Support and ACo Designer Mia Farrell as our guides, we take a stroll around ACo’s new showroom to explore some of the most effective accessories for cabinets and pantries that help reduce clutter in the kitchen.

First up in the kitchen, the junk drawer. Nearly every kitchen has a junk drawer, but not every drawer needs to look like one. Drawer dividers can help clean up that junk drawer by creating designated zones for each item. Deep dividers are available for larger drawers too.

Next, we look at pull out utensil holders next to the cooktop, which create the perfect home to keep cooking utensils handy while eliminating the need for a large crock of utensils on your countertop. Not only does it bring a cleaner look to the room, but it allows for more countertop space by your cooking area as well.

Lazy Susan’s are not just made for corner base cabinets anymore. They are now available in wall cabinets and pantries to help with the hard-to-reach spaces in your kitchen. Deep bins can be used as homemade rolls outs and drawers for hard-to-reach spaces too. And can risers are the perfect solution to be able to see everything that is on a shelf.

If you are interested in learning more about these accessories or want to discover what other accessories may work best in your existing kitchen, you can reach out to Lisa at Sort Support. And if you would like ACo to help integrate these great organizational tools into your new kitchen design, connect with us for a free in-home or virtual design consultation.


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