Facebook Live with Phil Hotle (Remax)

Facebook Live with Phil Hotle (Remax)

Broadcasting from Hub & Spoke, ACo’s new home, this week’s Friday Designer Chat focuses on the real estate market. ACo Designer Mia Farrell and ReMax’s very own Phil Hotle explain why the real estate market is so hot right now, what it means for buyers and sellers, and how ACo can help.

It is currently a seller’s market, meaning there are more people looking for homes right now than what is available on the market. For sellers, this is great! Prices are up and multiple offers are more likely. For buyers, inventory is low and so are mortgage rates, so you need to be ready to move.

Though most buyers right now are looking for a turnkey home, in which no work will need to be completed upon moving in, it doesn’t mean buyers won’t update their new home once they live in it for a bit.

That is where ACo comes in. Whether it is a large overhaul like a kitchen or bath remodel, or new carpet in the bedrooms, ACo is here to help!

ACo can also assist during the home buying/selling process as well. ACo’s Budget Calculator (Please link, Keriann) can be used to determine how to price a home, if the seller knows it’s going to be needing some updates, or by a buyer to put in an appropriate offer knowing what updates they’d like to make. If you are looking at buying or selling a home, please check out Phil Hotle’s website at www.hotlehomes.com to see how he can help. And if you are looking at moving and need to update your home before putting it on the market, or  you just moved into a new home and would like to make it your own, connect with ACo for a free in-home or virtual design consultation.


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