Farm and Rustic Country Kitchens

Q. What farm-centric or styled fixtures and kitchen looks could you point me to that we could consider for our rural home?



A. The farmhouse kitchen is certainly one of the many popular styles that even city folk are adopting! If you are looking to add more of that rustic look and feel to your countryside home in your kitchen, there are plenty of things you can do that will achieve your goals.




Here are a few we think you may like!




Start with cabinets that have character. You might enjoy a simple look or something a little more detailed. You may also want to showcase antique or rustic place settings, so reserve one or two cabinet doors to be done in opaque or transparent glass.




Your sink says it all. One of the features that many people enjoy in a farmhouse kitchen is the farm-style sink! The go-to sink for farmhouse styled kitchen is the apron sink, with its deep basin and option of mounting to the wall or directly to your countertops. Some come with integrated backsplashes as well.




Consider an island. Whether you choose something that can slide to the side of the kitchen or that stands permanently fixed, your country kitchen will look fabulous with an island matched to your countertops. Perfect for chopping up your garden veggies or a variety of other home cooked meals, you will not regret having the extra space.




What’s underfoot? Are your kitchen floors already made from some type of wood? If not and if you can do it, having wood floors installed will immediately pull that farm style look together. Consider pine wood flooring for a vintage look.




Countertops. Yes, you will probably be thinking about your counters as well. Some of the trendiest rustic kitchen looks can be made with butcher block slabs.









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