Favorite Faucets for Your Kitchen and Bath

Favorite Faucets for Your Kitchen and Bath

Faucets exist to serve a purpose; they deliver the water we use for bathing and cooking. But faucets are so much more than a functional item. If you’ve got basic, boring faucets, you’re missing out on a chance to make a statement. Need some inspiration? Here are a few of our favorite faucet trends for bath and kitchen.

For kitchen sinks, a faucet with a pull down sprayer is a popular choice. We like to include these in kitchen remodels because they are highly functional, but there are also lots of great, stylish options. This faucet from a recent kitchen remodel is a great example.

faucetAnother stylish faucet trend, especially for the bathroom sink, is a high arch. We have used this style on many of our recent projects, and it looks lovely every time. It also allows more room under the faucet than a traditional low fixture.

geometric faucetGeometric fixtures are also popular, and look fashionable when paired with angular lines or prints. We used this modern faucet in a recent bathroom renovation, and added corresponding towel bars to finish the look. The chrome finish adds to the contemporary look.

Another faucet trend that I love is more about placement than shape. Placing your bathtub fixtures outside the tub is a unique way to make your bathtub stand out. It also allows for a hand-held sprayer, without the nuisance of having it hang down into the tub.

These are just a few of the endless options available for your sinks and bathtubs. If you’re interested in updating your kitchen bathroom, including the fixtures, contact us to schedule a consultation. For more guidance, check out our kitchen remodeling guide or bath remodeling guide.


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