Finding your Palette: How to determine if color is the trend for you!

Finding your Palette: How to determine if color is the trend for you!

Like fashion, kitchen design is always embracing new trends. In the past decade, we’ve seen an influx of white, greige and cream; but, a new color palette has come into play! Yes, you know what I’m talking about: navy blue, hunter green, cool blush, kelly green, and deep teal are all popping up on cabinets! In a designer’s mind, cabinet color trends are a must have, but how do you decide if color is the right choice for you?

Think about your personal style – maybe take a look in your closet. Is your palette filled with neutrals or does it lean more towards a rainbow? If you have a plethora of neutrals, you might consider sticking with a classic dark stain, white or a cream. If you’re surrounded by color, then a colorful cabinet might just be the right move! Have a combination of color and classics? Take into consideration that a neutral surround and colorful island might be the dynamic duo you’re looking for! Another option to ponder – add color to your base cabinets leaving the top half neutral.  Still not quite sold on the color movement? If you don’t feel like color in the kitchen is a trend you love, marinate on adding a pop of color to a bathroom cabinet.

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A Taste of Rainbow

In addition to your closet, your current interior decor can also help you discern if a colorful kitchen is the look for you. Take note of your wall colors, accent pieces, and overall theme of your home. If you have a traditional sensibility throughout your space, a stain or neutral is likely more suitable for your kitchen style. If you are loving the mid-century modern look as much as the next guy/gal then incorporating a color would greatly complement your aesthetics. Does your design style scream eclectic? Then your kitchen should too! Mix a neutral surround with a pop of color on your island to bring continuity to your home! Again, don’t forget about that powder bath – it’s a great place to add a little punch!

House of Chic

Style Me Pretty

Colorful cabinets are trendy and fun! If you’re on the market for a change, be sure to visit The Affordable Companies and let one of their designers help select your palette. Visit them at their website www.the-affordable-companies.com or call 317.575.9540 to set up an appointment.

By: Christina Greive with Polish Interior and Art Design


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