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Flooring for Your Home: Everything You Need to Know

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Flooring for Your Home: Everything You Need to Know

An Overview on Flooring: Finding the Style That’s Right for You


An Overview on Flooring: Choosing the Flooring That’s Right for You

So it’s time to choose your flooring, but like most home remodeling decisions, it all seems incredibly daunting—so many options to choose from, each with its own pros, cons, and pricing. Not to mention the fear of improper installation and the possibility you change your mind.

That’s why ACo exists—to alleviate your worry and instill confidence. From area rugs to hardwood floors, we’re here to make your floor selection process easy and pain free.

Flooring for Your Home: Everything You Need to Know

Getting started: a home flooring checklist.

Before we dive in, it’s important we cover a few things you need to consider before selecting a particular flooring option—things that play a big role in the selection process and can ultimately influence your flooring decision.

So, to aid you in your flooring journey, here is a checklist of questions to help you in determining the best flooring option for your home.

What is your budget?
Establishing your square foot budget upfront will help you narrow down the range of materials to choose from.

Will you install the flooring yourself or have it professionally installed?
While we always recommend having your flooring installed by a professional, we understand and respect the DIY drive to save on costs. Keep in mind, some flooring options are harder to install than others (e.g. laminate vs. carpet) so it’s important to discuss this with a professional beforehand.

Will your flooring be installed in an area with high moisture (bathroom, basement etc.)?
Over time, moisture/water can absolutely ruin certain flooring options. So, it’s important to know where exactly you need flooring in your home to ensure you select the right flooring for the job.

Is your home a high traffic home (children, pets, parties, etc.)?
Because durability varies significantly between flooring options, it’s best to consider your lifestyle when deciding on flooring options.

Do you want flooring that requires little maintenance?
Do you want to be able to clean your luxury vinyl plank floors with vacuum and Swiffer Jet in 15 minutes or spend a couple hours cleaning/maintaining your hardwood floors? Maintenance—always something to consider.

Flooring for Your Home: Everything You Need to Know

An overview on the basic home flooring options.

You’ve completed ACo’s flooring checklist and now you’re ready to move on to selecting a flooring option.

Below are the most popular types of flooring options:



Shaw Floors has you covered.

Life happens, and it can be messy. But your floors don't have to be. Waterproof, pet proof, life proof floors from Shaw. Available at ACo.


Flooring for Your Home: Everything You Need to Know

What is the best flooring for a kitchen?

Kitchen flooring can be tricky. First, because there are quite a few options to choose from. And second, a beautiful, durable flooring product can be ruined if installed incorrectly.

The three most common types of kitchen flooring options we install are:

Each of which have their own benefits and differences.

Of course, you also have the option for more unique luxury flooring options such as Bamboo, Cork, Vinyl, Large Tile, and Matte Finish Wide Plank Hardwood.

Flooring for Your Home: Everything You Need to Know

The top 5 bathroom remodel flooring options.

As you probably guessed, choosing bathroom flooring is a little different than choosing flooring for other parts of your house. The main issue being water—which can quickly ruin the wrong flooring (like carpet or solid hardwood).

With that being said, here are the top five flooring options for your bathroom remodel:

  1. Porcelain or Ceramic Tile
    Pros: cost effective, style and sizing options, highly water resistant
    Cons: cold, slippery when wet
  2. Vinyl Plank, or Tile
    Pros: style options, highly water resistant and durable
    Cons: DIY difficult, only as good as its seams
  3. Natural Stone
    Pros: durable, stylish, great return on investment
    Cons: expensive, cold, slippery
  4. Engineered Wood
    Pros: looks like real wood, holds up to moisture
    Cons: not nearly as water resistant as other options
  5. Laminate Flooring
    Pros: Very durable, easy to clean
    Cons: hardly water resistant


Flooring for Your Home: Everything You Need to Know


Are you ready to tackle a home improvement project while practicing social distancing, but aren’t sure where to start? ACo is here to help. Using video conferencing, in home measuring apps, virtual reality, and even our flooring visualizer, our designers will guide you through design and installation of your project from afar.

Flooring Visualizer

With the Flooring Visualizer Seeing Is Believing

From carpet and tile to hardwood and luxury vinyl plank, you can explore the many options available from Shaw and ACo and see what they will look like in your space! Simply snap a photo, upload it, and go!

Flooring Visualizer

Flooring for Your Home: Everything You Need to Know

Try It Out

If you want to explore and be inspired, you can also select from the app’s many sample rooms. Select a category (kitchen, living room, bathroom, shared spaces, etc.), choose a room, and… play.

Building a home or remodeling one is a giant undertaking. The sheer amount of choices and decisions you have to make can be frustrating and overwhelming, to say the least.

That’s where ACo comes in—we strive to put homeowners at ease by simplifying the remodel process and in turn eliminating the fear of the unknown.

And it starts with our worry-free approach.

Our cultivated team of experts, specializing in everything from design to construction, partner with you through every step of the renovation process (including the design and build and finding your style). And through constant, open communication, clear deliverables, and well-defined expectations, we guide you through the creation of your luxurious kitchen, lavish bath, beautiful cabinets, or stunning flooring space so you and your family can truly love where they live.

And when you’re ready to love where you live, we’re ready to make it happen.

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