Fotile Sink Dishwasher

Fotile Sink Dishwasher

If you’ve never been excited about kitchen appliances, then you haven’t seen the Fotile Sink Dishwasher in action! This innovative machine prioritizes cleanliness, convenience, and ease. Its streamlined appearance makes it a perfect fit for any design, and its trifecta of great functions make it an indispensable kitchen companion.

Everything . . . and the Kitchen Sink

The dishwasher appliance won over the crowd at the annual KBIS Show winning the Best of KBIS Impact Award. What do we love about it? A lot! The in- counter design is great for smaller kitchens, as well as homeowners who wish to save space and create an uncluttered aesthetic. For two people, the size is just Fotile Sink Dishwasher - Ergonomic Designright.

The folks at Fotile made sure that this machine is ergonomic; bending, reaching, and straining to fill an ordinary dishwasher can be hard on the back. Here, you simply stand at the counter, lift the lid of the top-loading dishwasher, and put in your cups, plates, silverware, and such. No fuss, no muss.

In addition to the dishwasher and sink, this Fotile kitchen appliance features a vegetable and fruit cleaner. Place your produce in the compartment, push a button, and ionization technology removes 90% of the pesticides from your food.

Fotile Sink Dishwasher - BasketThere is also a convenient seafood cleaner. Pop your items in the sink basket, put it in the dishwasher, and remove unwanted residue. Easy as that.

As an added environmental benefit, the Fotile In Sink Dishwasher sips water instead of guzzling it. It uses just 1.6 gallons per load, compared to 6 gallons for a standard dishwasher and 4 gallons for an Energy Star-rated model.

If you’re undertaking a kitchen remodel or want to update an inefficient dishwasher with a sink dishwasher combo that also cleans your food, then Fotile is the clear choice. Be sure to visit their website, for more specifics and information on the Fotile sink dishwasher price ranges.

You will love where you live with appliances — like the Fotile dishwasher sink — designed to suit your life. For help designing a kitchen you love, contact the team at ACo to schedule a free in-home design consultation.

by Katie Mientka

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