Four Status Symbols for the Snazzy Kitchen

Four Status Symbols for the Snazzy Kitchen


Q: What are some popular ways to update my kitchen affordably while maintaining pizzazz?


A: Yes, the age-old obsession with status symbols has finally found a welcome home in the kitchen, which is now a hotbed for name-brand appliances, luxury materials and custom work. No matter your budget, making your kitchen look like a million comes with experience, a solid process and reliable installers. Let ACo marry luxury and affordability in your next renovation.


To that end, consider this list of today’s most popular kitchen status symbols and the snazziest alternatives.


1. Countertops


Real stone is the belle of the ball, with pricey granite reigning supreme. However, granite is not the only option for that coveted high-end look. You should also keep the following in mind:


  • Marble
  • Stainless Steel
  • Hardwood
  • Zinc
  • Concrete


No matter your personal style, there is a countertop choice that can easily up the luxury in your kitchen.


2. Cabinetry


Custom cabinets steal the show. Whether maple, cherry, painted or glass-paned, custom cabinetry looks exquisite in any kitchen. You may also want to consider:


  • Oversized crown molding
  • Creative layouts
  • Paneled appliances
  • Unique niches


All these work together to produce an enviable kitchen.


3. Appliances


High-end appliances are de rigueur in some kitchens. Great appliances can turn even an average kitchen into a luxurious one. Consider installing:


  • Professional grade range

  • Sub-zero refrigerator

  • Built-in espresso maker

  • Deep farmhouse sink


Doubling up on appliances is another way to achieve a high status look. For example, kitchens with two sinks or two dishwashers say opulence.


4. Hardware


Perhaps the widest range of choices can be found within hardware. However, certain types of hardware will add the perfect finishing touch to your show-stopping kitchen. Highly popular glass knobs come in an endless array of colors and designs. Or opt for decorative nickel or oil-rubbed bronze for an equally pleasing look.


ACo can make it happen!


No matter the look or budget you have in mind, ACo can help you achieve the kitchen you’ve been dreaming about. Give us a call today for a free consultation!


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