Get the Basics on Granite

Get the Basics on Granite


Q: Tell me more about granite—I’m curious, but want more details on why it’s one of the better options as a material for our renovations around the home.


A: You’ve come to the right place! If you want to know all about granite including the basics, key characteristics and the processing manner, ACo has the details. Read on to discover not only the basics of this great material.


Granite is a natural stone that is beautiful and provides the ultimate alternative for interior and exterior decoration. The stone is beautiful to look at and practical to use. People love to have it installed due to its durability and classy look.


Where does it come from?


Granite is formed deep in the earth by pressure applied to liquid magma between other layers of rock. When it cools it forms a layer of its own. Mineral elements inside the magma create the crystalline look of granite. Granite’s durability is due to the harsh origins and lengthy process that suspends several stabilizing elements within it. Once the granite is removed from its bed, the first stage of processing, known as cutting, begins. Here, the large portions of granite are cut into manageable blocks, slabs, and tiles.


Laborers use wire saws treated with different types of durable abrasives such as sand, diamond and aluminum oxide to slice through the stone. High-pressure water jets are also used to cut the granite.


How do you make it look so nice?


As soon as the process of cutting is complete, the stone is polished on one side, calibrated and gauged. Now the stones are ready to be used as tiles and slabs.

Is it difficult to maintain?


Caring for granite is very simple. The stone is heat-resistant and works as worry-free countertop solution. You can use hot pots and plates on the surface of this stone directly. However, it still requires your attention.


You should seriously consider the application of an appropriate sealant. The sealant acts as a protective coat for your granite by protecting the stone from moisture. Different types of cleaners and polishes will keep your granite tile free of dirt and scratches.


TAC has the answers!


Granite is a wonderful choice for many different uses around your home. Let ACo show you ways you can incorporate the beauty of granite. Visit our showroom to see how we can help!



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