Q: What can I do to get ready for our renovation with ACo?

A: Getting ready for a renovation is a group effort. Knowing what you can do and expect goes a long way towards feeling prepared before any renovation!

What Can You Do?

  1. Find new locations for the refrigerator and furniture. If you plan on using them during your renovation, make sure the locations are accessible.

  2. Clean!

  • Remove everything from the work areas

  • Clear off all counters

  • Empty all cabinets

  • Remove items from your tubs and shower stalls

  • Take down all window dressings including curtains, shades and blinds

  • Remove all pictures and other hangings from the walls

What Will ACo Do?

Before the renovation even begins, we will come over to your home and perform onsite prep work. We will:

  1. Lay protection for carpeting, wood, and tile surfaces

  2. Place protection for doors

  3. Cover the vents to prevent dust from getting into others areas of the house

Living through a renovation can be daunting; we take pride in sticking to our schedule to help ease your stress.

Let ACo change your renovation from inconvenient and stressful to easy and enjoyable!