Glass in Cabinetry

Q: What sorts of glass options are there and how can I determine which type will be best for my kitchen?  



A: Glass inserts in your cabinet doors can be a great way to compromise between solid cabinet doors and open shelving. You get all the advantages of your closed door cabinets (dust and debris free) and all the advantages of open shelving (where you can showcase your beautiful dishware).




Some of the most popular that you will come across include transparent, frosted, textured, seeded, leaded glass.




Transparent glass is good for nearly any kitchen and any style. It’s a classic, timeless choice and you can find transparent class anywhere. You will want to use tempered glass and either single flat panels or decorative mullions to further enhance your kitchen design.




Frosted glass, which is not exactly opaque, but comes close is great for modern kitchens. You can still have the translucent feel of your transparent class but frosted glass, blasted with sand or grit will add a cool, sleek feel to your kitchen. Frosted glass can be etched with custom designs as well.




Textured glass is great if you’re going for the eye appeal. Textured glass is glass molded or embossed with a pattern that appeals both to the eyes and to the touch. Your textured choices are also many and include ribbed, pebbled, grooved, beveled and even other styles.




Seeded glass is great if you’re looking for a way to achieve a vintage chic look. Dating back to colonial times, seeded glass is blown with tiny bubbles and may also have a wavy quality as well. It sets a hand-crafted look that may be a great way to infuse a little bit of old-fashioned feel into your farmhouse, cottage, Shaker or traditional style kitchen.




Leaded glass is a good choice if you are looking to create an elegant, traditional feel. It’s appealing artisanal qualities will be sure to make a statement in your kitchen. Plus, you can take the design of your leaded glass cabinet doors in many directions. You may even choose stained or art glass, which will add yet another level of dimension and uniqueness to your kitchen.







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