Häfele Backsplash Railing Systems: Bring Organization, Convenience & Style to Your Kitchen!

Häfele Backsplash Railing Systems: Bring Organization, Convenience & Style to Your Kitchen!

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling to create your dream kitchen, you know you want more counterspace, there never seems to be enough.  At ACo, we know kitchen organization and convenience are essential for overcoming the challenges of making the space you have work for you. Häfele backsplash railing systems, available through ACo, are designed to help. They’re designed for you.

Innovative — Elegant — Solutions from Häfele

For nearly a century, Häfele has been a leader in architectural hardware and furniture fittings. The German-based manufacturer is renowned for both its quality and its ingenuity. If you want to integrate greater organization and convenience into your kitchen, you cannot go wrong with a Häfele backsplash railing system.

Utilize previously “wasted space” to organize your kitchen essentials

Häfele understands what homeowners need: when it comes to the kitchen, this oft-used room needs to be as streamlined and convenient as possible. Their backsplash railing systems feature accessories such as:

  • Multi-purpose shelves (one of which is pictured above)
  • Hooks
  • Utensil holders
  • Knife holders
  • Spice racks
  • Paper towel holders
  • Wine bottle holder
  • Cookbook holder
  • Lid holder

Simply install the backsplash railing system:

From there, you can easily mix and match various accessories to create a backsplash railing system that works for you. Your must-haves will be within easy reach when you’re cleaning, prepping food, or creating culinary masterpieces. They will also be neatly stored so you don’t have to worry about cluttered countertops.

As with all Häfele products, the backsplash railing system and its various accessories are engineered for incredible durability, ease of cleaning, and, of course, style. These will fit perfectly into virtually any decor and enhance the style of your kitchen.

Sometimes, the best ideas are the simplest. Häfele has created an ingenious system that allows you to organize effortlessly — and beautifully. Let the experts at ACo guide you through creating a well-designed kitchen so that you can love where you live; adding fixtures like this adds to the convenience and enjoyment you will experience. Do you love where you live? Take our quiz to find out!

by Katie Mientka


Photo Source: https://www.hafele.com/INTERSHOP/web/WFS/Haefele-HAC-Site/en_US/-/USD/ViewParametricSearch-SimpleOfferSearch?SearchType=all&SearchTerm=backsplash+railings


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