Häfele Connect App: Customized Comfort and Convenience

Häfele Connect App: Customized Comfort and Convenience

Smart Homes Are Even More Intelligent with the Häfele Connect App

Innovations in technologies and materials empower owners to enjoy an unprecedented level of comfort, convenience, and control in their homes. From smart appliances that make ordinary household tasks a breeze — and even fun! — to lighting options that bring elegance to any room, you have a world of potential at the tips of your fingers.

Photo by Häfele

Häfele, a leading provider of smart, elegant hardware and specialty fittings, has launched the Häfele Connect app. The app allows users to control the components of Loox, Häfele’s proprietary LED lighting system, and other functional fittings via their mobile device. Connect lighting, sound, and furniture for unparalleled style and comfort.

Meet the Häfele Connect App

Smart homes just got smarter! If you choose Häfele’s lighting system and fittings, you can effortlessly connect them for greater functionality and style. A few of the tasks you can accomplish via your mobile phone or tablet:

  • Create unique — and you — atmospheres with customizable lighting options.
  • Control sliding doors (e.g. closets).
  • Turn furniture into alternative speakers with Häfele’s sound system solutions.
  • Take advantage of TV lift control. When you want to catch up on Hulu, a touch of a button is all you need. Otherwise, the TV is hidden away for a streamlined look.

Photo by Häfele

Here, you can see the integrated lighting under the bed, along the wall and stairs and surrounding the closet area. These are all easily controlled with the app. You can select different colors, brightness levels, saturations, and other customized settings. Photo by Häfele

The Häfele Connect App is fully customizable and easily programmable. You don’t have to be an engineer to figure out how to set up and start using this app — always a bonus!

As you can see set-up is a breeze. Simply follow the on-screen prompts, select your settings, and start enjoying.

The Häfele Connect BLE boxes are the heart of the system, or as Häfele calls them, the “app whisperers in the Loox world.” With these, you can connect to and control individual lights and fittings. Select on/off function, brightness, color temperature, timer control, and much more.

You can also create “scenes.” Your nighttime lighting, for example, can be softer while your morning scene is brighter. The lighting under your bed may be a soft blue, while the lighting in your closet area is soft white. It’s all up to you.

Häfele Connect makes it possible to control lighting, specified fittings, and even sound to create a home atmosphere that is completely you.

Learn more about the exciting Häfele Connect App. If you’re interested, contact us to schedule a free design consultation! We are happy to help you explore the tools and technologies that will ensure you love where you live.


by Katie Mientka


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