Heated Bathroom Floors

Q: We are thinking of adding heated floors when we have our floors installed. How exactly to these work?


A: The idea of walking into a bathroom on a chilly fall morning or frigid winter’s eve and padding onto a warm floor sounds like luxury to almost anyone! During winter months, it could put your mind at rest knowing that when you get out of the bath you won’t be stepping on a cold floor.


What is a floor warmer?


The heated flooring is a system of wires that emits heat into the flooring to keep it warm. This accessory is fairly easy to have installed. What can you expect from your bathroom warmer?


·         Affordability: Your device will cost you only a few cents each day to operate. The energy spent is less than the cost of using electricity to light your home.


·         Low-Maintenance: It can be easily turned on and off with a switch. You can also program your warmer electronically to turn on or turn off at specific times of the day or night. 


Finally, as the heating floor systems we work are installed below the tile, they will never have to be cleaned! 



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