High Gloss Cabinetry: The Right Finishing Touch for Your Home?

High Gloss Cabinetry: The Right Finishing Touch for Your Home?

Cabinets are the functional base of any good kitchen design, but they are also a great place to start when you want to make a statement. Nothing makes a statement quite like a high gloss cabinetry finish. Smooth, seamless, and sophisticated, it can elevate your space and infuse it with light and style.  

When considering finishes for your new kitchen design, does high gloss cabinetry send the message you want to convey? 

High Gloss Cabinetry Finish 

Cabinets act as both a backdrop and a focal point for an impactful design. The sheen and shine of high gloss cabinetry finish is achieved with lacquer, acetate, or acrylic, which is applied and cured for a smooth, satiny surface. They became the choice for ultra-modern decors in the 1970s, and decades later, we’re still enjoying their unique appeal. Why? 

High gloss cabinetry boasts a number of benefits: 

Sleek Contemporary Look 

Matte finishes absorb light, giving surfaces a “flatter” look. It’s a great option for many styles (and it hides flaws and imperfections

effectively). High gloss, on the other hand, reflects light. Think of your cabinets as subtle mirrors, directing and dispersing light around your kitchen. This makes rooms look and feel much larger and airier. If you want to maximize a smaller space, such as a chic galley kitchen or a butler’s pantry, for example, high gloss is an exceptional choice. It also helps larger areas, such as open concept plans, flow beautifully. 

Ease of Maintenance  

High gloss not only looks bright and light, it stays that way. The smooth surfaces are a breeze to clean, and stubborn cooking grease, splashes, and smudges do not as easily adhere to them. Simply wipe them down with a slightly damp anti-scratch microfiber cloth, and you’re on your way.  

Hygienic Appeal 

We have all become much more aware – and proactive – about the importance of safety and sanitary conditions in the home. As the space where food is prepared and often eaten, the kitchen should support the health and wellness of our household members. High gloss cabinetry finish is smooth and shiny, which is not just aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean, but also serves to inhibit the growth of germs and bacteria.  

An Array of Options 

Do you love bold, show-stopping red? Classic, sleek white? Rich, luxurious coffee? No matter what your color scheme or design goals, today’s premier manufacturers offer high end high gloss finishes that will wow you, soothe you, or inspire you. ACo is proud to work with select vendors: 

Quality Cabinets 

Showplace Cabinetry 

Designers Choice Cabinetry 

Executive Cabinetry 

Mid Continent Cabinetry 

Does High Gloss Cabinetry Finish Have Any Disadvantages? 

The easiest answer is “potentially.” There are some considerations you will want to keep in mind as you select your cabinetry finish: 

  • Lesser quality high gloss cabinetry finishes are vulnerable to imperfections, such as ripples, an “orange peel” effect (looks just how it sounds!), and visible seams. 
  • Many lesser quality finishes do not have great colorfastness; you’ll see fading over time, and white cabinets will start to look yellow. They may be more susceptible to scratches and show imperfections more readily.  
  • High gloss finishes can show smudges and splashes more easily than matte counterparts. (But again, a little easy cleaning is all you need to keep them looking pristine.) 

The best way to avoid these disadvantages is to choose a top manufacturer that offers exceptional quality. They will ensure you have the sheen, scratch-resistance, and seamless quality you need – and that you will love to live with for years to come. 

The ACo team is here to answer any questions you have about cabinetry and finishes. Connect with us today to schedule a complimentary design consultation and discuss your ideas. 


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