Washington Blvd HomeWe’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of homes in historic areas of Indianapolis. It’s both a fascinating and challenging experience. Being able to see craftsmanship that has outlasted the craftsman is an inspiration and an aspiration of mine. By contributing to the preservation and the extension of the lifespan of a home, we feel honored. The home on Washington Boulevard in Indianapolis is no exception. We were able to extend the life, expand the function, and restore the originating character of the home using contemporary materials technologies to ensure it long outlives us. Although the work was completed in 2008, the Washington Boulevard home has continued to receive recognition in the community and in the media and as part of the Meridian Park Home Tour. Also, be sure to check out the video of yours truly on Fox59 showing of some of AKB’s handiwork. Washington Blvd Kitchen


June 2, 2010