Holy Shiplap Wall Panels!

Holy Shiplap Wall Panels!

If you’ve tuned into HGTV’s “Fixer Upper,” then you are no doubt familiar with shiplap wall panels. Designer Joanna Gaines has used the wood treatment in dozens of homes since the popular show premiered in 2014.

But Holy Shiplap! What’s with the shiplap craze? What does shiplap mean? When was shiplap used in homes? And can it work in your home? So many questions.

mdf shiplap planks

Traditional shiplap has a rabbet cut (or groove) that allows wooden boards to overlap and fit snugly together, creating distinct horizontal paneling. The rough sawn shiplap pine boards were commonly used as exterior siding or as insulation in farmhouse-style homes.

If your style is modern farmhouse, seaside/beachy or cottage, shiplap wall panels could be the rustic touch you are looking for. It can be a less formal way of adding interest to a wall.

But shiplap is versatile and can work with modern, industrial or traditional styles, as well. It can
be painted white for a cottage look, or another color to add warmth. It can be stained or made from reclaimed wood for an aged appearance. You can even fake the shiplap look by using MDF boards.

fixer upper stained shiplap

Shiplap can also add style to bathrooms or bare ceilings. It can be installed horizontally, vertically or even diagonally. In some of her recent designs, Gaines has used “skinnylap,” or thinner planks, to broaden the design potential.

Shiplap has certainly increased in popularity over the past few years, but it has been used in homes across the country for more than a century.

shiplap calculator

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