How To Avoid an Outdated Kitchen

Q. How do I ensure my kitchen won’t become dated?


A. While there is no absolute guarantee for this, you still can ensure a timeless design by planning a clear concept. Listed below are a few ways in which you can keep your kitchen from becoming outdated.

Consult a Professional: One of the primary ways to minimize the risks of becoming a victim of a dated kitchen is to consult a professional. A professional kitchen designer can help you create a kitchen that doesn’t entirely follow the current year trends but still looks modern. If you have a smaller kitchen, the right fusion of textures and colors combined with high gloss or matte finishes is key. Different materials like colored glass, granite, quartz and wood can be used in combination to give your kitchen a lasting look.

We typically suggest being more modest with the permanent elements of your space, and utilizing the easy to pull and replace items to express your style through colors and prints. (It’s much easier to replace paint color, rugs and hand towels than it is to replace your tile or cabinets!)


·      Flooring and Wall Covering Options: Changing the color scheme of your flooring and walls is one of the most effective ways to make you kitchen look updated. Go for a minimalist look using white, off-white and pale hues to create a bright yet stylish design in your kitchen. There are also various choices available in flooring like limestone, marble, granite, hard wood, and ceramic tiles that result in a clean yet timeless look .


Lighting: When it comes to lighting, you have endless amounts of choices. Go for customized mood lighting to give your kitchen a whole new feel.

The secret to creating a timeless kitchen is to work with a professional who is able to understand your needs while not over-doing your kitchen with too many themes. Choose materials, colors and styles carefully to create a different yet subtle look. One of our sayings, “A face lift for an old friend,” is perfect for this situation. All your kitchen needs is a pick-me-up to be transformed from old and dated to modern and timeless.



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