How to Capitalize on the Best Kitchen Cabinets

Q: When it comes to going in on kitchen cabinets, I know that it’s a big investment. How can I be sure to make the best decision?

A: Kitchen cabinets are one of the more expensive updates you can make to your kitchen, but keep in mind they also make the most difference in the look of your home.

Kitchen cabinets are singlehandedly going to make the most difference in the look of your home. There are a wide variety of styles, designs and materials available in new cabinets and cabinet doors.

Here are some tips that will help ensure you get the best out of your kitchen cabinets when you update.

  1. Make Sure to Measure: Before shopping, it’s important to take accurate measurements. This saves time and helps with planning. Be sure to measure the appliance areas to get a more accurate picture of the cost and how your kitchen will look.
  2. Stock Cabinets: Stock cabinets come in standard sizes. Some styles and color options are available, but are more limited than either semi-custom or custom cabinetry. Most consist of basic cabinet and drawer styles. Stock cabinets are often used in new construction and are the least expensive alternative.
  3. Semi-Custom Cabinets: Semi-custom cabinets come in standard sizes, but you have more options in terms of style, designs and storage choices. There are more color and wood varieties available. These are more expensive than stock cabinets, but are generally higher quality.

    With semi-custom cabinets, the options are many: Consider a Lazy Susan, wine rack, pull out garbage cans, vertical dividers for storing trays and pull out shelves make storing and organizing the kitchen much easier. Your lifestyle and the storage issues that are most pressing when making a choice.

  4. Custom Cabinets: On the highest end of your price range, custom cabinets are the most expensive alternative. These are made just for your kitchen. You can have any style, size or design you want in a custom job.

Whether you are looking at custom or stock cabinets as options for your kitchen renovation, ACo wants to help you make the best choice for the highest return on investment.

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