How to Choose Chrome Bathroom Accessories

Q: How do I choose the right chrome accessories for my bathroom

A: The beauty and variety of chrome bathroom accessories that are available on the market today are enough to make your head dizzy! We understand! If you have chosen chrome for your bathroom accessories, there will not be a short supply of options. This very benefit has just one downside—with all of the choices in chrome, you might find yourself asking how you can sift through them all and make the best choice for your bathroom.

To start, you have already chosen well. Chrome is such a great choice for many reasons:


1.     Chrome bathroom accessories are the sturdy workhorses of bathroom decorating. While they aren’t flashy or trendy, they definitely make a beautiful backdrop for any style. Rest assured that whatever you do choose will be eye-catching.


2.     Chrome is also very easy to care for and it won’t take much to keep it clean and shiny. Another great reason to choose chrome—and maybe one of your main reasons!


3.      Bathroom fixtures in chrome run the gamut. You can find chrome towel racks, robe hooks, tissue holders, soap dispensers and more. This is not the case with black iron, for example. What’s more, you can find your freestanding toilet tissue holders and floor towel racks in chrome too!

So you’ve settled on chrome for all the right reasons. What about navigating the choices? Here are some guidelines to make your selection:


·         Decide how much you want your chrome bathroom accessories to stand out. Do you want them to fade into the background or be an integral part of your bathroom’s style?


·         Next, you should take some time to flip through as many decorating magazines and collect as many ideas as you can to see what resonates with you. Don’t forget to check out TAC projects and see if you spot the perfect option for you in our project gallery that is full of great photos of bathrooms and kitchens. https://liveaco.com/projects.


·         Narrow down the style you are looking for. Do you want contemporary? Traditional? Nostalgic varieties?


You’ll find that as you gather your ideas, a trend will emerge in what you are most interested in. If you are going for a sleek, modern look, you’ll find chrome accessories that suit your style. The same is true if you are looking for a more nostalgic or old style look. You’ll also find lovely extras such as vanity chairs, lotion dispensers, glass canisters and many other items with chrome trim that you can further decorate with.


No matter what your style or price range, you are sure to find what you are looking for in chrome bathroom accessories!




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