How Granite Countertops Can Get Your Home Off The Market

Q: How will installing a granite countertop improve the “sell-ability” of my home?



A: While granite countertops have been popular in higher end homes for quite some time, they are becoming increasingly more popular and frequent in other homes as well. If you’re looking to sell your home, you can be sure that granite countertops will add value. They might just be that final sparkle that gets your home to sell too!




A few considerations to keep in mind if you are eyeing granite for your countertops:




·      Beauty sells. 100%. And granite is beautiful. People don’t want a kitchen that doesn’t make a statement. With granite, you’re sure to make a statement.




·      If you are having your countertops replaced, you should probably survey the rest of your kitchen as well. Just installing granite countertops might not do the trick. You might consider some other upgrades as well, like cabinetry or flooring. If your budget won’t support other upgrades, think about what other smaller things you can do. Replace cabinet knobs or trim or add a new backsplash.




·      Consider your material. Do you want granite or are you looking for something with that granite feel? There are other materials that you might want to research as well to see what your options are. With marble on the high end, you also might consider basalt, quartzite, or schist.





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