How to Renovate Your Kitchen Before the Rest of Your Home

Q. We need a renovation overhaul of our entire house. We’ve decided to focus first on our kitchen.  How do we renovate our kitchen without making the rest of our house stick out like a sore thumb?


A. Homeowners tend to get very excited as a home improvement begins. Yet can overlook the rest of the home making it appear not as nice or out dated. So when it comes to your kitchen its important to look at the room right next to it, which could be the dining area, living area or even a small hallway. When deciding on a theme for your kitchen, for example country with roosters and yellows, or modern eco-friendly with all white and green plants, try and add some hints of your theme to the room attached. There is no need to spend a lot, simply replace a cabinet or add a feature with same (or similar) style to that room.


If you have a traditional home with an enclosed kitchen, try to complement the attached room with new painting.


Another way to start the renovation of your home is through flooring. If you are changing the flooring of your kitchen, if you can, go ahead and change the flooring for the main living space of your entire home. This will help your home transition as you start to improve the entire home. By starting with the flooring the entire home will get a quick update.

Additionally, choose the kitchen design wisely. If you’re completely gutting the kitchen and starting from scratch then try to think about what you will do for the rest of your home. Try and be consistent as you choose colors and layout. If you are just reconstructing a few storage systems, there will always be a solution to blend your new kitchen with the rest of your home since the impact is less drastic.

Send us your pictures after you’ve finished! We’ve love to see what you’ve decided to do.


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