How to Get Started on Your Bathroom Remodel: What to Decide Before You Contact Us

How to Get Started on Your Bathroom Remodel: What to Decide Before You Contact Us

A bathroom remodel is your opportunity to transform a utilitarian, oft-used room into an oasis of calm, relaxation, and style. It will be the perfect place to get ready to face the world and then release the stress, worries, and cares of the day. Whether you have always dreamed of your very own in-home spa or want to update and elevate to a modern vibe, we have some helpful tips on how to get started on your bathroom remodel.

How to Get Started on Your Bathroom Remodel: 7 Top Tips

To ensure your bathroom remodel is a smooth, streamlined success, it is important to make a few key decisions before you bring in the ACo team. Don’t worry though, we are always here to help and offer guidance and support along the way; you’re never alone in this process. Having some preliminary decisions under your belt will help give us a head start.

  1. Define Your Scope of Work. What do you want and need from your bathroom remodel? How extensive will it be? Are we talking minor changes and aesthetic boosts or a complete overhaul? When you have an idea of the scope of a project, we can better discuss how to achieve your goals.
  2. Look for Inspiration. That’s right: hit Houzz, Pinterest, HGTV, magazines, blogs, and other resources for ideas. Browse around to see what speaks to you, what inspires you, and what you no longer want to live without! Create an online pinboard or gallery or clip your favorite looks and assemble them into a binder. This helps guide our initial consultation and gives us insight into the direction you want to take for your space.
  3. Nail Down a Budget. This is a biggie! What are you comfortable spending? Having an idea beforehand allows us to engage in a realistic conversation about numbers and get started on the design process sooner. If you’re not sure how to proceed, use our convenient budget calculator to get started. ACo also offers financing, so be sure to ask us about your options.
  4. Think About Your Timeline. Do you have any restraints or expectations when it comes to the project timeline? A deadline you would like to meet? Let us know upfront so we can plan accordingly.
  5. Do You Have Another Bathroom? A bathroom remodel becomes exponentially more challenging when you do not have another restroom to utilize during the duration of the project! If you find yourself in this situation, communicate closely with your contractor to determine the schedule. You may have to make alternative accommodations or plans for days when your space will not be accessible or functional.
  6. Decide on Your Tub/Shower Situation. Do you want a shower and tub or just a shower in your master bath? There is no wrong answer! It depends on your needs and wants, though we are seeing the rise of sophisticated wet rooms that feature innovative use of space and that forgo the tub in many cases.
  7. Think About Special Features. Have you thought about special elements that can add convenience, comfort, and elegance to your space? Heated floors, spa-like showers, saunas, smart-home technology, and other features can help you realize your vision. This is where all your Houzz and Pinterest research will come in handy!

Now you know how to get started on your bathroom remodel and begin a process that will ensure you love where you live. The next step is to put your dreams and decisions into motion. Contact ACo to learn more or to schedule your in-home or virtual consultation.


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