How to Get Started on Your Kitchen Remodel

How to Get Started on Your Kitchen Remodel

The first step to getting started on a kitchen remodel is making the decision to remodel. Are you ready for an update? If you are, what do you want to change? 

When you walk into your kitchen each morning to grab a cup of coffee before work, or to make the kids lunches for school, or to sit down with the paper (or laptop or tablet) to read about the latest news, are you happy? At ACo, our top priority is to help you love where you live. We want you to walk into your kitchen every morning feeling a sense of comfort, happiness, and satisfaction. The only way to achieve that is to have a kitchen you love! Not feeling these emotions? Maybe it’s time for an update! 

When considering your overall happiness of your home, and more specifically your kitchen, ask yourself these three questions. 

          Is your kitchen current? 

Is the style of your kitchen on trend with everything you are seeing in magazines, on design websites, or when you watch HGTV? Do you have painted cabinets, kitchen, kitchen remodelsleek quartz countertops and wide plank wood floors in your kitchen or are you still living in the 90’s with stained oak cabinetry, laminate countertops, & linoleum floors? Although totally on trend 30 years ago, those styles have seen better days.  

By updating your kitchen with the latest trends, not only can your kitchen look refreshing, you can feel refreshed too. A new kitchen can oftentimes lead to a new mindset – you are happier, you take better care of your home, and you are proud and want to show off to your friends and family (it’s okay if you secretly want them to be jealous of your new kitchen and new lifestyle, it’s only natural. Afterall, people are always keeping up with the Joneses for one reason or anotherright?) 

          Do you like the way it looks? 

When we meet with our clients for the first time, one of our first questions is typically – “Why do you want to remodel your kitchen?” Nearly everyone’s first response is – “because it’s ugly.” Maybe you moved into a new home and adopted the kitchen that came with it – it may be pretty. It could certainly have painted cabinets, quartz countertops, & wood flooring, but maybe it’s not your taste.  

Your home is a reflection of you. You wouldn’t wear an ugly sweater that your grandma gave you for your birthday if you don’t like the way it looks, would you? No, you’d thank your grandma, then find the gift receipt and return it for something you like much better. 

It’s okay to update your home to how you want it. Afterall, you are the one living in it 

          Do you like the way it functions? 

kitchen, kitchen remodel

Do you have enough storage? Is there enough countertop space? Are the appliances efficient? Is the sink easy to clean? If all of these are a problem for you, then it’s time to upgrade. After hearing that our client’s current kitchen is ugly, the next reason why most homeowners decide to remodel is because it’s difficult to work in. It doesn’t function well for our homeowners and their families. 

A kitchen is the most used room in the home. You need to be able to operate efficiently in the space. Not only that, but with advancements in technology today, having a smart kitchen can make everyone’s life a bit easier.  

If you answered no to any or all of these questions, you probably aren’t happy with your current kitchen and it’s time to get started on that remodel. Let us help you love where you live! The next step in the remodeling process is to connect with an expert. To begin designing your new kitchen that you are sure to love, connect with us and schedule a free in-home or virtual design consultation.  


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