Virtual Reality Design for Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel

Virtual Reality Design for Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel

Remember the days when you were limited to dreaming about what your home remodel might look like, only to be let down by your own imagination once it’s actually finished? Well, thanks to virtual reality design, those days are all but gone. Virtual reality (VR) — an augmented technology that superimposes holographic images onto real settings — now transforms the kitchen renovation and bathroom remodel process by eliminating the gap between your imagination and the space you’re remodeling.

What Virtual Reality Design Means for Homeowners

Using VR technology, you can experience an immersive, 3D rendering of your kitchen and bathroom remodel before construction even begins. Now, you can see how everything in your remodel — the walls, ceilings, kitchen, bathrooms, floors, furniture, and lighting — aesthetically interacts to ensure your new design meets all of your needs, removing surprises down the road and helping manage costs. (Click on the photo below to view the 3D rendering.)

Virtual reality bathroom design

It’s like test driving a remodel before you buy it. And to make this VR home remodel “test drive” possible for our customers, our ACo designers utilize the following three important tools.

1. 2020 Design

With 2020 Design and just a few photos of your home, our designers can create a custom, fully immersive 3D rendering of your remodeled kitchen you can experience in VR.

virtual bathroom designer free

2020 Design also enables our designers to add real products and specific details and finishes such as appliances, flooring, and cabinets to renderings, as well as make adjustments to your rendering in real-time, automatically calculate item lists and quotes to keep you on budget, and send orders to suppliers and provide detailed instructions to installers.

2. Chief Architect Virtual Design Software

Our designers also use another tool — Chief Architect — to create virtual remodel designs and bring home remodel projects to life. Chief Architect’s automated building tools for home, interior, and kitchen and bath design make it easy for our designers to create 360-degree Panorama Renderings and full 3D VR models for you to experience.

3. VIVE VR System

Once your custom 3D home remodel rendering is created, you probably will want to experience it, right? But how do you do that?

That’s where VIVE’s VR System comes into play. Using VIVE, or a VR system like VIVE, you can experience your remodel like never before.

bathroom vr

One thing to note, you’ll need a VR system to get the full remodel experience—lucky for you, ACo has its own system for our customers.

VR is a fantastic tool to help you visualize a virtual bathroom remodel or virtual reality kitchen design. It’s the future. And it’s just one of the many services we offer our customers to ensure you truly love where you live.

If you’d like to learn more about virtual reality bathroom design or virtual reality kitchen remodel, contact us today.


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