Hardwood FlooringAs the leaves change, football takes over the weekends, and the temperatures drop, it’s quickly apparent that the toasty Indiana summer is making its very quick transition to the grey days and the frosty nights of a Hoosier winter.  And with the winter comes the inevitable use of your furnace.  And while we have much to be grateful for in having a system that keeps a comfortable temperature in our homes and offices during the long winter, the dry air takes a toll. We all know how it feels to wake up with a dry nose & throat, dehydrated, ready to down  a gallon of water.  That happens to us, and we’re 60 percent water, imagine what happens to your nice wood floor.  It’s that in particular that I want to make you aware of, so you can protect and preserve that important investment. What Dry Air Does To Wood As the air gets dryer in your home, the same evaporation that happens outside during the summer can take place inside. According to the EPA, The optimal level of humidification in your home is anywhere between 30% – 50%.  And, as we use our furnaces and heat pumps day after day, the moisture in your home’s air slowly evaporates. The impact of the lack of humidity can mean the boards lose uniformity, you see separation between planks, or crowning when the center of the boards swells.  Softwoods like pine and fir, which have open grains, are particularly susceptible to these issues.  One of the biggest ways to avoid these issues is proper installation from the team at ACo. If your hardwoods are already in place, and you’re dealing with these issues, my team at Homesense Heating | Cooling has some ideas for you to consider.  There are many great whole house humidifiers that can provide a cost effective way to reduce winter health issues, decrease heating bills, and prevent the hardwood issues we’ve talked about. Some of the main considerations your HVAC supplier should have in mind are:
  • The size of the house
  • How much floor space is covered with hard woods
  • How well insulated is the house
These factors will help determine what water quantity your home will demand to maintain the optimal humidity level for your overall comfort, and the overall longevity of your furniture and flooring. If you have any questions about a whole house humidifier or any Indianapolis area HVAC related questions, please reach out to be directly at Brian@TrustHomesense.com. Homesense Heating | Cooling is a residential HVAC company located in Indianapolis, serving Broad Ripple, Meridian-Kessler, Zionsville, Westfield, Carmel, Noblesville and Fishers.


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