Incorporating Hot Bathroom Color Trends and the 2023 Colors of the Year

Incorporating Hot Bathroom Color Trends and the 2023 Colors of the Year

As 2022 winds down, it’s a fun time for designers and style-conscious homeowners. We start seeing major manufacturers like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Pantone, and Behr, announce their 2023 Colors of the Year. These are the tones, shades, and hues that will play a large role in interior design… and in how we feel in and interact with our homes.  

What are some incoming bathroom color trends? How can you incorporate these and/or Colors of the Year into your design? Let’s explore a beautiful, vibrant, versatile world of color. 

Bringing Bathroom Color Trends to Life 

Color influences not only aesthetics, but also how we feel in the spaces we inhabit. From calming and serene to energizing and lively, the shades we choose to incorporate can impact the very atmosphere and environment we create for ourselves and our households.  Trending now: 

Green With Envy 

Green is one of the top choices for bathrooms in the coming year. Not surprisingly, this versatile star was also chosen more than once as a 2023 Color of the Year. Valspar selected Flora, a deep, charming olive shade; Glidden went with Vining Ivy, a sophisticated jewel tone; and Krylon opted to give Spanish Moss, a rich, midnight green, the honor.  

While each is different and unique, all of these greens evoke a sense of calm, serene, restorative nature, and they pair exquisitely with natural materials, such as stone and wood and metallics like brass, copper, and gold.  

Incorporating a “trendy” color in a major design element can be risky. After all, we’ve had some…shall we say, interesting Color of the Year shades, like Fuschia Rose, Chili Pepper, Mimosa – a “warm, engaging” color that was a little mustardy, Tangerine Tango, and Radiant Orchid. In retrospect, these hues may have been best left to hand towels and soap dishes rather than flooring, wall colors, tiles, or vanities. 

Green is different. When you pick the right shade, it is an ageless classic that will never go out of style. Why not create a statement-making – yet serene – accent wall? 

In this ACo bathroom remodel, the focal point is clearly the gorgeous green accent tile. The Dal Tile in Herbal dazzles perfectly against adjoining bright white tile, while gold, brass, wood, and cane accents add a luxurious, textural touch. 

Minimalism for Maximum Impact 

Life is complex. The world is chaotic. But when we walk into our homes, we should breathe a sigh of relief – especially in the room where we start and end our days, practice self-care, and escape for a hot shower, long bath, or revitalizing steam. There is a distinct trend towards luxury minimalism – stripped of the clutter of everyday life and worries, pared down to the beautiful essentials, and emphasizing quality over quantity.  

This is reflected in Behr’s 2023 Color of the Year selection, which was surprising because of its very simplicity. Blank Canvas. It’s a creamy white shade that’s warmer on the spectrum and offers… well, a blank canvas on which you can create your masterpiece. It offers the versatility to realize the space of your dreams… or, perhaps, a space that is quiet, relaxed, and serene enough to allow dreams to thrive.  

In this ACo remodel, a similar shade of white is enriched with warm wood flooring, shower, and vanity, soft white quartz countertop, and simple, striking, black and metallic accents.  

Ask Yourself: Do You Love It?  

Benjamin Moore went with a bold choice for its 2023 Color of the Year: Raspberry Blush. A “vivacious shade of coral tinged with pink, this electric hue is the definition of charismatic color.” It is also unapologetic in its audacity and striking departure from beloved neutrals. There is certainly nothing neutral about Raspberry Blush.

So, when thinking about incorporating such an adventurous color, ask yourself, “Do I love it?”

You may like it. You may enjoy it. You may find it inspiring and evocative of the phase you are in your life. In this case, play it safe. Stick with a neutral base – a “Blank Canvas,” if you will – and add pops of Raspberry Blush or whatever daring Color of the Year that appeals to you in your accents, your accessories and mats, your towels and washcloths, your fresh flowers or plants, your trim, or even an intriguing accent wall. These serve to introduce exceptional vibrancy to your space, and they can be easily changed should your tastes evolve (as they likely will!) and your eye catches other colors. 

And if you love it – love it? Why not go bold? One of the easiest, and most effective, ways to incorporate a daring color is on your walls. Homeowners spend an average of only $250 for a full bathroom paint job, so why not use this opportunity to take a chance? You can use neutrals, from classic quartz and marble countertops to gray, white, or earth tone vanities, to complement the rich, saturated tone you’ve chosen for the walls. And… if you decide it’s not you now or in the future… a few gallons of paint restores your blank canvas!  

Love Where You Live  

Trends come and go. Your tastes and preferences evolve. Knowing how, when, and where to incorporate color trends and Colors of the Year can give you a canvas on which you can paint your masterpiece – your life. And we want you to love every brush stroke, every image, every second in your home. 

Look to ACo for design inspiration, suggestions, advice, and guidance. We’re here to help you love where you live. 



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