Install the Wow Factor with Architectural Accent Walls: Beyond Paint and Wallpaper

Install the Wow Factor with Architectural Accent Walls: Beyond Paint and Wallpaper

You want to add visual interest to a room, so one of your first thoughts might be to add an accent wall but you worry that the trend is dated. Accent walls were all the rage in the 2000s – but fast-forward 20 years. Is their appeal perennial, or is that “pop of color” passe?  

In the past (way, way back at the dawn of the 21st century!), many people used accent walls to create a visual effect and introduce color. A bedroom or living room, for example, may have neutral tones and then a punch of dramatic purple…or Fuschia Rose, True Red, Tiger Lily… Pantone’s Colors of the Year in the early 00’s. As one designer puts it, “This type of tip-toeing tends to not look very purposeful and gives off ‘I didn’t really get around to finishing the paint job in here’ vibes.”  

2020’s accent walls are purposeful, powerful, and inspirational. They have evolved to become focal points in their own right. By now, we are all familiar with the ever-popular shiplap trend, but there are so many other options available. You can create an architectural accent wall that goes beyond paint and wallpaper, encompassing a beautiful spectrum of materials – and possibilities.  

Architectural Accent Walls: Accentuating the Beauty and Creativity of Your Home 

Innovative, fresh accent walls introduce a variety of materials into the mix: 

Hardwood or LVP Accent Walls  

Hardwood and Luxury Vinyl Planks are not just for your floors. These durable, versatile materials are ideal for accent walls. Products from Shaw Floors, one of the world’s largest flooring manufacturers, for example, can take your space to the next level. This is a great option if you want to experiment with a bold trend or create an intriguing accent wall that complements your flooring.  

Wood makes as much of a statement on the walls as it does on the floors. It adds a touch of natural warmth, charm, and elegance that compliments decors from classic to contemporary. With LVP, advanced printing techniques allow top manufacturers to recreate the look of authentic wood, stone, and other materials. You can easily create a contrasting or coordinating color, pattern, or style to achieve the look you want with either wood or LVP.

3D Wall Panels 

3D wall panels are created with a textured form and typically feature repetitive designs. Using these panels as accent wall material, you can create a wonderful sense of depth. They add a dynamic touch to your room without weighing it down or overwhelming the senses.  

3D panels from Duchateau’s Inceptiv collection adds warmth and a sense of luxury to this game room wall.  


Stone is not just for backsplashes anymore. This material, like 3D panels, allows you to add texture and visual interest without overwhelming other design elements. Stone manages to balance natural, classic, and contemporary aesthetics – flawlessly!  

Are you considering installing an architectural accent wall to elevate your decor? We are happy to walk you through the many choices and create a look that resonates with you. Get in touch with our team today for one more way to love where you live! 


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