It’s All About the Kitchen Color

Q. What impression will the color of my kitchen give off? Are there any recommendations for specific colors to use or not use?

A. Your kitchen design will definitely make an impression on those who enter it. If you’re interested in adding value to your home (and who isn’t?!), you should give careful attention to the colors as well as the quality, symmetry and layout of your kitchen.

Here are a few tips about colors in your kitchen.

1. Looking to Sell? If you are looking to sell, bigger is better, so you want to give the impression that your kitchen is wide open and spacious. White is the best color for this. It is universally appealing and can let potential buyers picture themselves in the space more easily.

2. And the Cabinets? With kitchen cabinetry when you’re trying to see, you have a couple options. To keep the space with the feeling of openness, go with light—keep it white. If you want some contrast, go for a darker bench top. Backsplashes should also be kept neutral.

3. Makeover Inspired: If you’re just looking to do a makeover on your kitchen, let your personality inform your choice. Bright colors look good with dark cabinets, for example. You can use color to add to the feel of your home, especially if you want to bring out a “collected-over-time” look.

4. Going Modern? If you want to keep your kitchen looking more modern, you can introduce color with accent pieces rather than paining floor-to-ceiling. Choose saturated versions of primary or secondary colors. You can add in artwork, interesting light fixtures and more textured backsplashes to make a statement about you.

5. Traditional Feel: If you want your kitchen to maintain that traditional feel, you might consider dark cabinets because they can give off a regal feel, but make sure that your kitchen has plenty of natural light coming in or your new palace may feel more like a cave.

There are a variety of ways to paint your kitchen, but do keep in mind the way a room will make others feel when they are in it. To achieve the impression you want, think about your goal for the feel first.


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