Q. We just moved into our new house, and we love it!  However, one thing we are going to change is the kitchen cabinets.  What are some of the new trends in kitchen cabinets that could make our kitchen look modern?


A: Well, going modern has the potential to make your kitchen look bigger and increase the storage space. A more modern style of kitchen cabinets is known to add a touch of simplicity and elegance. Additionally, they are sleek, spacious and occupy less space. Here are few of the latest trends in kitchen cabinets:


  • Flat panel cabinets: Flat panel cabinets are a perfect fit to a modern or cotemporary kitchen. To enhance your kitchen’s sleek appeal, go for high-gloss bisque cabinets that have stainless steel handles.
  • Wood: If your kitchen has a more traditional layout, keep the color of the wood cabinets natural. Whether dark or light, let the natural wood color play its part. 
  • Frameless: To maximize storage space, instead of framed cabinets, go for frame-less ones. 
  • Choose an unexpected color: Let the color of the cabinets do the talking. Go for an unexpected color. Even though this idea is basic, it’s quite effective. 
  • Add more than one hue: Use your cabinets as a canvas for mixing up the colors in your home. Go for an eye-catching combination. 
  • Mix textures and materials: Apart from mixing colors, mixing textures and materials is also a new trend. Embrace the cabinets with mixing together wood, glass and color.
  • Display: Your kitchen does not need to be a place with big boring boxy cabinets. Add shelves and open spaces to give your kitchen personality, while displaying some of your favorite dishes.
  • Lighting: Lighting is a necessary element in any modern kitchen. Lighting can have a great effect whether it is inside the drawers, pantry cabinets and doors, under the counter or ambient lighting.
  • Customize: People often go for customized kitchen in order to best fit the homeowners’ needs – taking storage capacity and type into consideration, as well as cooking needs. The customized designs and innovative features are vastly becoming popular.
  • Hinges & Handles: Some people choose to install their cabinet hinges on the top instead of vertically. This way, you can save space, while making the cabinets look modern. There are also many options available in the handles and hinges when it comes to the opening and closing of kitchen cabinets.
Choosing a style or theme when you start changing your kitchen cabinets will help you make other choices easier and quicker.







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