Kitchen Cabinet Styles: Inset, Frameless, Full Overlay, or Standard Overlay

Kitchen Cabinet Styles: Inset, Frameless, Full Overlay, or Standard Overlay

Designing a kitchen entails a variety of details and decisions to make your dream a reality. Let’s admit, some are more exciting than others! One of the decisions to make while selecting kitchen cabinet styles is whether you prefer inset or overlay fronts. It’s an important detail that effects the 1) bottom line, 2) useful life, 3) overall look of your final product. Let’s run over the differences and details of each options.

Inset Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Admittingly, inset cabinets are simply stunning. The sleek yet classic design could be worth the invest for some, but might be the deterring factor for others. An expected 15-20 percent cost increase from a similar style in full overlay should be expected.

full inset cabinets

Image: Emily Henderson

See the beauty?! With every positive, there’s a negative. Inset cabinets can have less of a usable life because of expansion and contraction with temperatures. With minimal space between the door and the base, there’s little room for movement which could lead to 1) doors or drawers sticking 2) noticeable gaps or 3) crooked doors and drawers. “Inset cabinets also reduce the usable storage space of cabinetry,” said ACO owner, David Decker.

Frameless Cabinets

One of ACO’s favorite cabinet styles is a frameless cabinet construction. The thicker box construction gives the stability, storage and simple, sleek design many clients are longing these days. Frameless cabinets, also known as full access cabinets do not have a face frame or a center stile in between doors. The function and appearance are two major reasons to consider frameless cabinets. Check out one of The Affordable Companies’ recent remodels with frameless cabinet construction.

frameless inset cabinets

Image: The Affordable Companies

Full Overlay Cabinet Doors

The next best option are full overlay cabinet faces, which give the appearance of only drawer and door fronts with no frames, fillers or base cabinet showing. The fronts come in a grand variety of styles, the maintenance and expected life is longer and is the cost effective choice for a luxury style. Below, the Affordable Companies have packed a punch in the powder bath with full overlay fronts.

full overlay kitchen cabinets

Image: The Affordable Companies

Standard Overlay Kitchen Cabinet Styles

We understand, everyone has a budget. If that’s your case for a particular project, consider a standard overlay cabinet in the style and finish you like best. The image below is a perfect example of combining kitchen amenities such as full height cabinets, unique hardware, two tone perimeter/island and sleek appliances with a standard overlay front. If you look between each door and to the sides of the door, you will notice the cabinet base showing. This is the simple difference.

Kitchen Cabinet Styles: Inset, Frameless, Full Overlay, or Standard Overlay

Image: Fox News

Do you feel well versed with the cabinet front options? Be sure to visit The Affordable Companies and let one of their experienced designers help lead your kitchen or bath remodel! Contact them today or give them a call to schedule your appointment at 317-575-9540.

By: Courtney Walker Pope with Polish Interior and Art Design


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