Q. How much should I expect to spend on my kitchen?

A. When remodeling the kitchen, you should expect to invest between 10-20% of the total value of your home. We advise that you initially set your budget at 15% of the total value of your home, then increase or decrease keeping it within the 10-20% range.

How to set a budget?

Just like any other big purchase, you need to maintain a budget. We work from the standpoint of making your transformation affordable. It’s important that you only spend what you can afford, so make a realistic budget. We are design experts and excel at helping you make choices that will make the most out of your budget!

How to cut costs?

There are a few ways to cut costs on your project. If you are able to carry out the demolition process, like ripping up flooring or tearing out cabinets, you will save a lot of labor costs. Some homeowners also paint the walls themselves to cut additional costs. However, plumbing and electrical jobs should only be left to the professionals, unless you are trained. Since your cabinets and countertops will be one of your biggest expenses, their installation should also be left to professionals for optimal quality.

What takes up most of the kitchen-remodeling budget?

Kitchen cabinets can take up to half of the budget you have set for your kitchen-remodeling project. The cost of cabinets depends upon what the quality of the material is, and if they are custom produced or not. You can also expect to spend a lot of your budget on countertops, flooring and backsplashes. If you are hiring a designer, make sure to calculate their fees in the total costs.

What is the payment process for the kitchen remodeling project?

Most of the times, remodeling firms ask for around 50% of the total contract before the beginning of the project. Once the cabinets and the rest of the project are installed, you will then have to pay the other 50% upon completion.



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