Kitchen Trends to Consult in Your Spring Renovation Plans

Q: What are some of the top kitchen ideas trending this spring?

A: Kitchen trends in 2014 are bold, bright and open. We are seeing some really interesting patterns when it comes to what is popular this spring.

You are going to want to make sure your kitchen stands out for all the right reasons, so we’ve highlighted six that we love—that will rejuvenate your kitchen without breaking the bank.


  1. The Glorious Shiny Hardwood Floor: Hardwood floors are timeless, classy and simply make a stunning show. Always. While they may not stand up to ceramic tiling when it comes to the durability test, they speak volumes when it comes to beauty. And there are some really durable options for long-lasting flooring that come in planks. This season, what’s in are shiny, lighter, brighter flooring. At TAC we can help you choose the best in quality as well as cost.
  2. The Breakfast Bench: As family needs shift as children get older and lives get busier, many homeowners are looking at ways to keep seating options flexible but still achieve a unique look. If that fits you, consider bringing in the breakfast bench. We loved the look of the Breakfast Bench in this kitchen and think you will too.
  3. Black Countertops: When it comes to countertops, if you’re price point doesn’t get you the material of your dreams, you don’t have to worry. Choose a countertop that is durable and choose it in black. You’ll be choosing among what is the most popular this season and will love the unity and flow it adds to your kitchen.
  4. Dash of Bold Color: When it comes to adding those final touches, you’ll want to consider choosing one area of your kitchen to spotlight. With a dash of bold color. Check out some of these kitchens for ideas about what to splash with what colors this spring.
  5. Open Floor Plans: A big focus this spring is on opening up the space between the kitchen and the rest of the home’s living space. Entertaining is high on many of our clients’ priority list so we’ve highlighted some great open floor plans to add to your idea list.
  6. Open Shelving: Along with open floor plans, open shelving has also become a very popular design choice for kitchens. While you may never have considered adding shelves to your kitchen walls, some of these open shelving ideas might change your mind!

Regardless of where you are in your kitchen renovation this spring, include ACo when it comes to guiding your project. We provide the highest quality advising, direct you to the materials that will match your vision and ensure the final product is one you love!

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