Light Layering in Your Kitchen

Light Layering in Your Kitchen

Nowadays the kitchen has become the hub of the home. It’s where meals are prepared (and sometimes eaten), where friends and family tend to gather, & even where children sit and do their homework after school. Being that it has become one of the most used rooms in a home, it is important to properly light the space. Typically, this can be done by layering four different types of lighting – Ambient, Task, Accent, & Decorative.

  1. Ambient Lighting – Let’s start with the overall lighting of the room. Kitchens usually have a minimal number of windows due to the need for wall cabinet storage. It is for this reason that ample amounts of artificial light are needed. This is typically achieved with recessed can lights spaced evenly throughout the ceiling creating a uniformed amount of light in the room.
  2. Task Lighting – Once spaces have an even distribution of light, it is important to determine which areas need a little extra. For example, wall cabinets tend to cast shadows from ambient light onto countertops, creating a dark space and making it hard to see while preparing meals. Strip or puck lighting installed under wall cabinets can help illuminate the countertops making these task areas easier to see.
  3. Accent Lighting – Referring to a light that is used to help create a focal point, accent lights are used to highlight certain areas or objects in a room. In kitchen design, these lights are typically installed inside cabinets with glass doors to aid in displaying different collectables, fine china, or decorative accents.
  4. Decorative Lighting – Pendant lights above an island or a chandelier above a kitchen table are often used, not only to illuminate a particular space, but to draw attention to and become part of the design of a kitchen. These types of decorative lights can add a pop of color or a bit of bling in the room to help bring the overall concept of the kitchen together.

It is important to consider all types of lighting when it comes to remodeling your kitchen to ensure you have the proper light, both functionally and aesthetically, in your space. By considering these four different types of lighting, any kitchen can be transformed into a bright and airy space. If you are looking for more information on kitchen remodeling, check out our guide for everything you need to know.


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