Luxury Bathroom Trend Alert: Ultra-Stylish Wet Rooms

Luxury Bathroom Trend Alert: Ultra-Stylish Wet Rooms

The bathroom is certainly one of the most functional, utilitarian rooms in your home — but there is no reason it cannot also be one of the most stunning, luxurious, and calming. Think of this space as your sanctuary. If the feeling you get now, though, is outdated instead of oasis, consider a shower wet room. This is an emerging trend for discerning homeowners, promising to add clean lines and incredible visual appeal to the bath area.

What Is a Shower Wet Room?

A wet room can mean different things to different people. It may have no separation between the shower and the rest of the room; it may have a half or full glass partition separating the shower; it may include a bathtub or a luxury shower faucet. But what they all have in common — what makes a wet room a wet room —is that there is no distinction between the shower space and the room. They are seamless: no steps, no trays, no curbs… nothing to detract

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from the luxury spa-like atmosphere.

The entire shower wet room is waterproof, so a partition is not necessary. Many people prefer to install one anyway; it is your choice, depending on the aesthetic you want to achieve.

This beautiful shower wet room features a curbless shower with glass enclosure, consistent flooring throughout, a sleek, contemporary tub, and a light, clean look that soothes and inspires.

Let’s talk benefits: style is a clear advantage! But there are others as well:

  • Shower wet rooms are accessible. If you have household members who have mobility challenges or you want to “future-proof” your home so you can age comfortably in place, wet rooms are an excellent choice. Without variations in the floor (e.g. step-over shower lips), it is much easier to access the space.
  • They are easier to clean and more hygienic. Without all the typical nooks and crannies, streamlined wet rooms make cleaning a breeze and offer a more hygienic solution.
  • They add value to your home. Even if you never plan to sell your forever home, adding value is still important in terms of equity. And a luxury bathroom certainly adds plenty of personal value and enjoyment!
  • Wet rooms maximize your space. You can eliminate space-wasting elements and bulky items, streamlining your space and utilizing every square foot to its best advantage. Your room will appear larger, and, as we can see in the image above, it can also be remarkably light and airy.
  • They are incredibly flexible. You can install wet rooms on upper and lower floors of your home, and they allow you to think outside of the box when it comes to your layout. Because you need not be restrained by partitions or changes in the flooring, you can get creative!

Next Level Shower Wet Rooms

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To elevate your in-home spa experience even further, add luxurious details, such as:

  • This is not only a lovely feature; it increases accessibility for those with mobility challenges.
  • Luxe shower head. Treat yourself to a high-end shower head, such as the PowderRain Hansgrohe Shower Head. It features several individual PowderRain jets with several fine openings. From these, thousands of micro-droplets fall to wrap you in a gentle, warm, rain-like experience.
  • Freestanding tub. Many wet rooms forgeo the tub and opt for a sophisticated shower head. If you love a good soak, though, there’s no reason why you cannot add a sleek, contemporary freestanding tub.
  • Every day is a spa day. With a standalone sauna, you can breathe in relaxation and breathe out stress, worries, and cares. As you can see in this ACo-remodeled bathroom, the sauna area and ceiling feature a gorgeous wood material, while the shower evokes the cool, smooth appeal of stone. This is also a great opportunity to incorporate different materials into your bathroom, adding visual depth and interest.

Need more bathroom inspiration? Browse this helpful Houzz gallery or, better yet, talk to our team! Connect with ACo for a free in-home or virtual design consultation.

This wet room features a standalone sauna – and is one of our favorite bathroom remodels!

Shower wet rooms flawlessly blend form and function. ACo will help bring your aspirations to life and deliver results of which you can be proud. Love where you live — and especially where you start and end your days! Ready to talk about your bathroom remodel? Get in touch with the ACo team today.


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