Magazine-Worthy Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation Results — Without the Nightmare!

Magazine-Worthy Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation Results — Without the Nightmare!

You wake up in a cold sweat. Shaking. Sheets twisted around you. Nightmare? No, you’re worrying about your upcoming kitchen or bathroom remodel! This is exactly what we don’t want to happen. When you choose the right partner, every step from design to construction to project management can be seamless — instead of sleepless. 

Worried? You’re Not Alone 

There’s a reason homeowners dread renovations: it is an emotional rollercoaster that leads you through twists, turns, loops, and heart-in-your-throat drops. From finding the right contractor and securing necessary permits to schedule delays and budget-busting changes, it can feel like you’re strapped into the car with no escape until the ride is finally over. 

Cost is one factor, it’s a central concern, and we offer a budget calculator to get you started. Planning and preparation will help you manage your expectations when it comes to this substantial investmentResources such as the Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report can give you an idea of the average cost in your area for certain projects, as well as the return you can expect if you sell your home. This article from HGTV highlights hidden renovation costs and how to prepare or even mitigate those expenses. 

But what happens when the job takes longer or costs more than anticipated or estimated? What happens when your contractor does subpar work — or doesn’t finish the job at all?  

In Indiana, for example, the Attorney General’s office receives over 900 complaints each year about home repair companies. Of these, about 150 are lodged against remodeling and improvement companiesShoddy workmanship, misrepresenting the need for certain repairs, and failure to complete a project — or even start it! — topped the list of grievances. 

You might be asking, “Who in their right mind would ever renovate their home?” Good question! The answer: you. 

Putting Your Renovation Fears to Bed 

In 2004, David Decker founded “ACo.” Beyond a passion for design and quality, the company seeks to help every homeowner love where they live and turn their home into a refuge.   

Home improvement can be scary and frustrating for clients so ACo guides them through a simple approach, the ACoWay, to ensure a worry-free experience and a dream kitchen, bath, or flooring renovation.  

When you’re undertaking an expensive project, one that may require decisions that are either irreversible or difficult to “undo,” you need confidence in your team. And, yes, it should be your team. From designers to project managers, ACo has one goal: to ensure you love where you live.  

Decker says, “For many owners, an extensive remodel is their one chance at realizing the vision they have for their dream home. We want to get it right. Actually, we want to get it more than right. We want it to be perfect, to exceed your expectations, so you love where you live.” 

But what do homeowners say?  

“Every time I walk in the bathroom, I love it even more. We are just so ecstatic, it’s just exceeded our expectations,” said Sara Scharf of their master bathroom remodel.  

Her husband John continued, “I think the challenge for us was that we went in with thinking we want it to be modern, but as we started looking at the modern materials, we began to worry about it getting dated and it being obsolete. What Carlie was able to bring us was something that has modern elements, but yet is still rooted in traditional design.”   

See how ACo designer Carlie helped them achieve a modern yet timeless aesthetic in this customer video story.  


ACo client Matt Taylor remembers that when project manager Roger was issuing instructions, he’d say, “I want it this way. I want it that way.”  

According to Matt, “Roger took on a sense of ownership for the project, ensuring that every component, down to every last tile, was perfect. He poured the same effort and exacting care into the master bath as he would have if it had been his home.”  

This allowed the Taylors to feel at ease. They didn’t need to interrupt their lives to micromanage; they trusted Roger to do the job right. Watch this video to learn more about the Taylor’s experience with ACo.  


We strive to ensure every detail is meticulously considered and executed by the ACo team, right down to the cleanup at the end of the dayYour home should be your refuge from the chaos of the outside world, even when living through a renovation. And when your project is complete, you will come home to a place where you love to live.  

Renovations and remodels do have the opportunity to become nightmares, but with the right partner you can achieve your renovation vision. At ACo, our ultimate goal is to help you love where you live. Your experience, and the remodeling process itself, will be just as satisfying as the results you’ll live with for years to come! 

Do you love where you live, or do your home need a renovation to get there? Take our quiz to find out!  


Images courtesy of our partner, Medallion Cabinetry.


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