Q: We are looking for some ways to make a statement without overdoing it in our entryway.


A: If you take a look back, you’ll see that ideas of what works in an entryway have really evolved over time! One of the biggest ways we can see this is in the way designers use flooring, hall cabinets, benches and accent chests to decorate with as well as a host of specific personality pieces.



Only 30 years ago hallways in houses and apartments were almost always decorated the same way. There were two options. Option one was no decoration at all, just barren hallway. Option two was a variation on the theme of family pictures cascading down a staircase wall in a forty-five degree line.



Now, flooring choices, hall cabinets, benches and accent chests, whether alone or with a picture or mirror above, are an excellent way to decorate entry ways, foyers and hallways. From Bombay chest beauties to settees and chaise lounges, more people are starting to realize that having one piece of furniture in areas such as these makes a tasteful statement about a home’s overall decor.



Choices such as these can set the mood for visitors and guests and often are a telling mark of the style and preferences of the owners. Since these areas of the house are often the first that people see, the warming effects they lend to an area is especially appreciated.



Add Personality to Your Entryway



  1. Install new flooring in throughout your home or in your entryway and kitchen only. Consider large, light-colored ceramic tile or go with durable hardwood. Your home will immediately snap to life with a the lift of a new floor!
  2. Use a custom concrete hall table in your entryway. While it might be a little tricky to find a local concrete table, we can point you to a few collections in your design. You’ll be sure to create a unique look with concrete.
  3. Use a runner to draw guests into your home. If you keep it away from other furniture near the entryway, it will also create a feeling of spaciousness. There’s no need for your runner to run the length of the entryway—make sure your guests can easily get in and out of the front door. And if you’ve gone with the new flooring, this rug will be the perfect accent to bring out the beauty in your floors!
  4.  Think about color. A bold color in the entryway makes a statement of confidence and puts your guests at ease right away. Consider the mood you want to achieve and follow a color scheme that can draw that specific mood.
  5. Create a unique wall display at the entrance/hallway. While the cascading series of family photos isn’t the style now, there are plenty of unique ideas for displaying your personality and style, ranging from using reclaimed/recycled wood pieces to installing a variety of differently shaped picture frames (that may or may not display photos!) You can even group various sizes of ornamental mirrors! 
  6. Consider a unique piece, such as a birdcage or a restored, vintage easel. These pieces can make a statement and immediately draw the guest in to your home. 


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