Meljac: Elegant, Discrete Electrical Wiring Solutions

Meljac: Elegant, Discrete Electrical Wiring Solutions

If you have any doubt that small details make a big impact on your home project, Meljac founder André Bousquet reminds us that the beauty lies in the small touches. As he says, “A switch should not be only functional. It must be seductive or even sensual. Your desires inspire me.” Meljac, available through ACo, elevates electrical wiring accessories to new — and luxurious — levels.

The Meljac Difference

This French manufacturer is a world leader in high end electrical equipment. From backplates to switches, Meljac masterfully blends advanced technology with elegance and refinement. The result: stunning electrical wiring accessories that go beyond the functional to lend a discrete, understated beauty to your home.

Meljac products are handcrafted in France by master craftspeople, using the finest materials (e.g. solid brass, Limoges porcelain, semi-precious stone, and tempered glass). The meticulous, exacting care with which the electrical accessories are designed and produced is second to none, and Meljac’s R&D team continually innovates new solutions.

Electrical Equipment Solutions for Your Home

Among Meljac’s beautiful accessories that are available to US customers:

Plexiglass Backplates

Meljac can craft bespoke, or custom, accessories, including plexiglass backplates. These allow your sockets and switches to blend seamlessly with your decor. There is no visual interruption as the design can incorporate silkscreen, words, pictograms, symbols, and other elements that are essential for discretion and style.

Classic Meljac!



Again, Meljac takes their solutions beyond the purely functional (though, rest assured, these products are of superb quality and offer exceptional performance and durability). A simple wall outlet is transformed into a sleek accessory.

Maximum discretion

No boring, staid outlets here!

Meljac combines beauty with convenience, as you can see with the addition of a USB port. They also offer a range of flush-mount floor outlets if wall space is at a premium.

Reading Lamps

Meljac’s reading lamps lend a quiet elegance to your home. Simple, sleek, and sophisticated, they are crafted from the finest materials and finished beautifully in brushed nickel, light bronze, or grey gunmetal.

A perfect blend of convenience and refinement

If you are looking for the perfect finishing touches for your aesthetic, look no further than Meljac and the design team at ACo. Contact us for a free in-home design consultation to bring French sophistication and leading technology into your home. Give yourself a few more reasons to love where you live.


by Katie Mientka


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