Metallic Finishes: Infuse Your Space with Contemporary Flair

Metallic Finishes: Infuse Your Space with Contemporary Flair

When it comes to creating a look in your home that reflects your personality and style, you may be looking for that something extra. Something to add elegance or unexpected flair. That something may be metallic finishes, which can bring an element of exceptional style.  

From hardware and fixtures, to countertops, tile, and even grout, metallic finishes add that je ne sais quoi that entices the eye, makes a bold statement, and elevates your space.  

Why is metallic an ideal finishing touch for your design? 

What Makes Metallic Finishes an Exceptional Choice 

We are seeing more metallic finish options from top vendors like Daltile and Virginia Tile – and for good reason! 

  • Statement-Making Metallic. Forget ho-hum or same old-same old. Metallic finishes infuse spaces with a contemporary feel that is a little unexpected and refreshing. At the same time, not all finishes are alike: there is incredible variety available from premier manufacturers, empowering you to create looks that range from ultra-modern and industrial to vintage and ornate.  
  • High Quality Materials. There are lower cost (lower quality) options on the market that are essentially just painted with a metallic type paint. These may look fine in the short term, but you will not enjoy the durability you need for lasting style. Manufacturers like Daltile, on the other hand, utilize real metals that are infused into the body of the tile or placed on top. They are real, they are authentic, they will deliver long-term results.  

    Other manufacturers, such as WOW Design, use state-of-the-art color processes to achieve a metallic finish that definitely… wows. The results are as enduring as they are sophisticated.  

  • Lightweight Appeal. Whether installing a backsplash, cabinetry, or walls, it is important to be cautious about weight and about adding materials that the structure is not designed to support. While made from real metals, quality surfaces are lightweight and suitable for a variety of applications. 
  • Ease of Maintenance. Most metallic finishes can be easily maintained with a soft microfiber cloth and an all-purpose cleaner. They will continue to look as bright and beautiful as the day they were installed. 

Sophisticated Ways to Incorporate Metallic Finishes in Your Home 

Now the big question: how do you use metallic finishes? Typically, you might think your options for a metallic finish end with hardware and fixtures, but here are three ideas that go beyond basic to inspire you: 

Backsplash. Metallic finishes have a low maintenance appeal, which is perfect for a backsplash. Beyond this, though, these finishes are often reflective, which can make your space seem much larger and airier. You can choose from cozy copper to industrial gray, choose brushed, smooth, or hammered surfaces, opt for sheet metal panels or tiles, or mix metal with other metals, porcelain, glass or natural stone for a beautiful mosaic. Or choose a plain tile and dress it up with metallic grout. The possibilities are endless – and intriguing. 

Cabinet Door and Range Hood Inserts. A little goes a long way! Using a touch of strategic metallic is a great way to create a sophisticated, modern look. The ACo team recently worked on the conversion of a duplex in the historic St. Clair neighborhood of downtown Indy. The owner wanted an industrial design – and plenty of steel. To soften the style, ACo opted for cabinets in deeper, richer tones that featured metal door inserts. Overlaying gold mesh provided a refreshing contrast to the dark hued cabinets. 

During another kitchen remodel, our team created a casual, contemporary look; one piece of the overall puzzle was the use of metallic finishes. Slim inserts in the hood range break up the rich wood tone and tie in accents from the wall sconces, pendant lights, island faucet, and cabinetry hardware. It is a sleek way to bring elements of the design together for beautiful cohesion. 

Countertops. Metallic finishes make it effortless to go bold, but they can do subtle equally as well. Cambria, one of the leading suppliers of high-quality quartz, offers the elegant Inverness line of countertops. Striking white quartz is the perfect, cool canvas for molten gold, platinum, copper, or bronze veins. Make a statement with your island countertop or go bold and run these countertops up the backsplash. As mentioned above, you can also pull threads of the metallic finish and echo it in other design details, such as fixtures and hardware. 

Accent Wall. While excellent in the applications we’ve mentioned above, metallic finishes are also a stunning choice for an accent wall. There is incredible depth, dimension, and visual interest that will certainly make this focal point a highlight of your home. If you love the look, Daltile’s Metallica, Structure, Vintage, and Industrial Metals collections offer exquisite inspiration.  

Love Where You Live 

Are metallic finishes calling to you? Let’s talk about your ideas, your visions, and your goals. Connect with ACo for a complimentary in home design consultation or visit our project gallery for more inspiration.  



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