Milliken Area Rugs for Your High Traffic Areas

Milliken Area Rugs for Your High Traffic Areas

You’ve invested in your home by having beautiful new flooring installed. You want to protect your investment, but you also don’t want to diminish its beauty. What’s the best way to protect your flooring without sacrificing style?

We recommend investing in high-quality Milliken area rugs that help protect high-traffic areas from scuffing, scratches, and stains. They’re also a great choice for protecting the flooring under a table or sofa. Best of all, while protecting they actually enhance the beauty of your home.

Milliken Area Rug

Like your flooring, the rug you choose should not only be stylish, but durable. We recommend area rugs from Milliken. These area rugs come with a 10-year warranty and MilliGuard® 5-year soil and stain-resistance protection. They are also available in a wide variety of patterns, with something that works for every style of décor.

Millikin Area Rug Imagine

Rugs from the Imagine Collection are durable, stylish, and timeless. This collection is full of innovative pattern and color selections, with everything from ikat to animal prints. All rug designs in this collection are priced as follows:

Sizes Price
2’8″x 3’10”$99.00
3’10” X 5’4″$159.00
5’4″ X 7’8″$319.00
7’8″ X 10’9″$639.00
2’1″x 7’8″$159.00

(Pricing does not include the cost of freight.)

Indiana University Rug

Milliken also has great choices if you’re looking to spruce up your basement or “man cave.” You can add a rug from the My Team collection to display your school or local team pride. This fun collection is priced as follows:

Sizes Pricing
3’10” X 5’4″$124.22
5’4″ X 7’8″$250.52
7’8″ X 10’9″$501.06
10’9”x 13’2”$806.32

(Pricing does not include the cost of freight.)

The right area rug can complete the look in a room, and will also protect the investment you’ve made in your flooring for years to come. Do you have questions about the right Milliken area rug for your space? Let us help. We’d love to help you find both the flooring and area rugs that will make your house truly feel like home.

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