The Modern Kitchen Sink

The Modern Kitchen Sink

Q: In selecting sinks, there are so many designs and choices. Can you help me sift through the different choices?


A: Today, most homes that are being build or renovated have moved on from the generic white sink. Sinks in today’s modern kitchen range from colorful glass vessel basins to farmhouse units to freestanding sinks. Having a trendy copper or stainless steel model is one of the easiest ways to bring a fresh look to your home, whether it be for your kitchen, bar or bathrooms.



The five most popular types of sinks now are listed here:



1. Vessel Sinks: These are also known as basin sinks. Once they were only used in bathrooms, but today you can find them in the kitchen too. Vessel or basin sinks sit on top of or are slightly recessed in the counter. This style is eye-catching and functional. Because it’s higher up on the counter you don’t have to bend over while washing dishes.



2. Prep/Entertainment Sinks: These sinks are usually smaller and are used not only for preparing food but also come with an additional space for washing dishes, washing hands or even chilling wine. You can get a full-size sink with a prep sink attached. Another idea is to have your prep sink installed in your kitchen island.



3. Farmhouse Sink: Farmhouse sinks are also called apron sinks and are increasing in popularity. The farmhouse sink copies the vintage rural kitchen sink with a deep, rectangular basic and an exposed front. You can have your farmhouse sink undermounted or it can be set on top of the counter. The style doesn’t have a deck so hardware is usually mounted directly into the counter and can sit either behind or to the side of the sink.



4. Trough Sinks: These are large, multi-person sinks and are useful for family-style cooking and cleaning up. Trough sinks accommodate multiple faucets and allow for more preparation room or for multiple people to use them at the same time. They are also great for gardening or craft projects.



5. Seamless Sinks: Seamless sinks are sinks that are made with the countertop into one solid piece. There are no  seams or crevices to clean as the name implies. The look of a seamless sink is clean, minimal and modern.



Regardless of the type of sink you choose, you’re sure to make a statement with one of these top five trendy styles.





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