Mohawk SmartStrand Forever Clean

Mohawk SmartStrand Forever Clean

The beauty and versatility of hardwood, tile, and luxury vinyl plank is unmistakable, and these flooring solutions are not going anywhere (except into elegant homes across the country!). But carpet is making a comeback. Thanks to improvements and innovations in design and manufacturing, interest in carpet is surging among homeowners who value the soft, warm, cozy, homey appeal.

But what about ground-in dirt and trapped bacteria? What about allergens? What about spills and stains? What about Fluffy’s occasional accidents or your children’s muddy feet and sticky hands? To enhance, and enjoy, all of the benefits of carpet without any of the traditional disadvantages, it is important to choose your carpet wisely. Without a doubt, Mohawk SmartStrand leads the field. And, Fluffy and the kids notwithstanding, it will remain “Forever Clean.”

Mohawk SmartStrand Forever Clean

Forever Clean… That’s quite a promise! How does Mohawk SmartStrand make it a reality?

Each fiber in a SmartStrand carpet is completely encapsulated in Nanoloc™, advanced technology that creates a virtually impermeable barrier against spills and soiling. You can also cut down on chore time (and increase precious down time) because SmartStrand is three times easier to clean than comparable nylon carpets.

Stain-protection is built in — and it stays in. On a typical carpet, stain and soil protection is applied topically by the manufacturer, only to wear or wash off after as few as three steam cleanings. If you go with the standard recommendation of steam cleaning once a year (more frequently if you have pets, children, or track in a lot of dirt/mud), that’s just a few years of max coverage. After that, a nylon carpet loses about 50% of its protection and continues to decline from there. Once this happens, you may notice it is harder to clean and you never really get that “brand new” look and feel back.

Mohawk SmartStrand integrates its stain and soil protection right into the fibers’ core. It cannot be washed off; it does not wear off. Instead, it offers 100% protection for the life of your carpet. In other words, it stays… Forever Clean.

Clean to the Core

Another factor that plays a role in SmartStrand’s ability to remain Forever Clean: the dyeing process. Traditionally, carpet fibers are produced in a neutral color (on the spectrum between a gray and a beige). After, the fibers are dipped in dye to introduce the desired color. Mohawk, however, uses a proprietary dyeing system: color is added before the fiber is produced, when the components are still in a liquid state.

As a result, there are no dye sites in the carpet fibers; the color goes all the way through. Spills cannot be absorbed into the fibers, and the built-in protection we mentioned above never diminishes.

(This dyeing process also makes for some truly rich tones that complement a variety of decors!)

What About Fluffy?

Mohawk SmartStrand offers a pet-friendly protection system that “covers all pets, all accidents, all the time.” The Nanoloc™ barrier ensures

that your carpet is three times easier to clean, and that includes removing stubborn pet hair, dander, and soil. Without dye sites, accidents will not be absorbed into the fibers, and you’ll breathe a big (clean) sigh of relief as unpleasant odors will not become trapped in the carpet.

Yes, Mohawk SmartStrand is indeed Forever Clean… But will you want to keep your carpet forever?

Simple Luxury

In a word: yes.

Silky Soft Texture: The SmartStrand Silk Forever Clean line, for example, features an innovative yarn that packs three times the amount of fiber of a typical nylon carpet. The result is an exceptionally durable, luxurious, silky texture that begs you to take off your shoes and fully enjoy — not just on day one, but for years to come.

Superior Color: Mohawk utilizes proprietary color blending technology, called ColorMax. It allows for unparalleled saturation, clarity, precision, and uniformity.

Sustainable Materials: SmartStrand carpets are created with plant-based materials that are annually renewable. Their manufacturing processes also reduce energy consumption to ensure “beauty without compromise.”

Free of Harmful Substances: Mohawk SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets are OEKO-TEX certified free of harmful substances. This independent certification delivers peace of mind to homeowners that they are choosing a safe, healthy product for their homes and families.

Adding to this benefit, because of the unique protection system, you do not have to apply toxic chemicals to the carpet in order to clean it (especially when it comes to pet accidents).

Made to Fit Your Life

Mohawk sells its SmartStrand products exclusively through Authorized Mohawk Retailers to ensure that each customer receives the individualized advice they need to select the right carpet and underlayment, as well as choose the right installers for the job.

ACo is proud to offer the SmartStrand Forever Clean line, as well as all of the design guidance and practical installation services you need to make the best selection for your home. Our only goal, as always, is to help you love where you live. And with SmartStrand, you’ll love every step you take on your luxurious, silky, clean floors.

If carpet is making a comeback in your home, contact the ACo team.

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