Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Tiles

Q: I love the creative element that mosaic tiles bring into my kitchen. Where else can I incorporate them into my home?


A: Mosaic tile designs add charm, color and an artistic flair to your home. Just in case you are unfamiliar, tiles smaller than 6×6 inches are classified as mosaic. They can be made from either glass, ceramic or porcelain materials and come in a variety of shapes, textures and colors. Many homeowners use mosaic tiles as backsplash behind kitchen cabinetry, but you may also want to consider using them in other places as well.

Shower or Bathtub: Most types of mosaic tiles have very low water absorption rates, which is why they work well in bathrooms and other places that are exposed to a lot of moisture. Use mosaic tiles to create decorative borders, ledges, backsplashes or wall niches. Or you can simply use them to cover an entire wall space. Mosaic tiles make excellent flooring for the bathroom, especially because there are textured varieties that provide an anti-slip surface.

Fireplaces: Update your fireplace surround with a mosaic tile design. The finished product will certainly be eye-catching and can create a unique focal point for the rest of the room. But make sure to select a type of tile that is resistant to heat.

Bar Area: If you love the look of mosaic tile in your kitchen, you may also love it in your bar area as well. Install it as a backsplash, or tile the entire wall for a stylish, stately look.

Outdoors: As previously mentioned, mosaic tiles hold up well against moisture, which is why they hold up in outdoor areas as well. Use them to tile your pool, patio or other space.

Mosaic tiles are versatile, durable and can compliment any decorating style. They are fairly easy to maintain if installed and grouted properly. Play around with the different looks and patterns you can create with the tiles, and watch the space transform before your eyes.


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