Myth: Will Luxury Vinyl Plank Make My Home Look Cheap?

Myth: Will Luxury Vinyl Plank Make My Home Look Cheap?




We’ve all been around long enough to know that these can be euphemisms for far less attractive attributes. Cheap. Fake. Junk. Or… They can give you a realistic idea of what to expect and how much your choices will impact your budget. This is the case when it comes to many luxury vinyl plank products. However, you should be aware that not all LVP options are created equal.

While it is no secret that LVP is more affordable than hardwood, what might come as a surprise is the beauty, quality, and durability it can offer. The “L” in LVP is most certainly not a euphemism. This is a true luxury material that can elevate any home’s interior design.

LVP: Luxury. Versatility. (Endless) Possibilities!

In design, versatility is paramount. It is here that LVP achieves its powerhouse status. A chameleon, it transforms itself into the ideal complement to your existing decor or becomes the foundation of a whole new look. And, like that shade-shifting chameleon, this product can become… Well, whatever you need! Wood. Stone. Tile. A full spectrum of colors, shades, hues, and textures. LVP’s adaptability empowers you to be equally agile when it comes to your design.

Will Luxury Vinyl Plank Make My Home Look Cheap?

LVP is versatile – but so are vinyl and laminate, albeit in their own ways. LVP earns its luxury stripes by elevating quality and durability. It is a composite product made up of several layers, and thanks to advances in technology, each of those layers contributes to a surface that is strong,  resilient, low-maintenance, and stunning.

LVP offers a similar look and feel to wood, stone, and tile at a much lower price point. Compared to hardwood, for example, on average LVP comes in at several dollars less per square foot. It is also easier and less expensive to install, which can save thousands more on the cost of your project.

Does an LVP floor, engineered to evoke the cool appeal of marble, look and feel exactly like marble? If someone wants to get down on their hands and knees and do a full inspection, yes, they will be able to tell it’s vinyl. Most people, though, will just say, “Wow!” And perhaps ask you for product recommendations!

So, will LVP make your house look “cheap”? Will it look “fake”? No. It will help you bring your design vision to a beautiful reality, ensuring it looks its best.

LVP Works Its Magic in Any Design Style

If you aren’t quite sold on the versatility and elevated design element that is LVP, here’s a look at just a few of the styles to which it adds its magic touch:

Modern Minimalism

In a minimalist interior, clean lines and neutral colors are the subtle stars of the show, while functionality is prioritized. LVP’s sleek, natural-looking planks are a perfect fit. At the same time, they soften what can be rather stark, by infusing a touch of warmth and texture throughout the space. Lighter shades create that elegant sense of openness and airiness that is so vital in modern minimalism.

If you want the look of wood, few do LVP better than Provenza. Their MaxCore line features an array of options, from wood-look Diamond Sky and London Fog to stone-look Mountain Mist and Cape Royale, that perfectly capture the minimalist aesthetic.

Rustic Charm

Ahh, just like Grandma’s house – with a fresh update! Creating a warm, comforting ambiance is effortless when you go with a distressed or weathered finish. This gives character and depth to the clean lines of LVP and pairing it with natural materials (e.g. wood furniture, brick accents, woven rugs, earthenware elements, etc.) pulls together an utterly inviting atmosphere. Shaw Floors’ Floorte line is an excellent source of inspiration – and materials! With a full spectrum of charming shades and finishes, you’ll find just the right fit.

Coastal Chic

Alas, living in Indiana means we don’t get an ocean view – but we can bring the calm and tranquility in with lighter stains featuring a natural, whitewash, or gray undertone. We love Birch Storm, Papeete, or Mauritius from Urban Floor, especially when you add some strategic pops of color. Décor reminiscent of sea, sand, and driftwood such as sea glass accents or natural textures like rope light fixtures and sisal rugs carry you away on waves of peace and serenity! And just because we don’t live seaside doesn’t mean we don’t love waterproof LVP – just another benefit to this versatile material.

Industrial Modern

Want your home to make a bold statement? Industrial modern is edgy and has a definite urban vibe. Stray towards dark browns or dark grays for a dramatic, yet imminently sophisticated look. If you want a trendy, modern feel (where your exposed brick, metal furniture, and vintage lighting will shine at their brightest), you can’t go wrong with the aptly named Night Owl and Urban Chic from Provenza.

Mid-Century Modern

LVP can bring the timeless elegance of mid-century modern to life. A warm brown or walnut finish works beautifully as it infuses your space with class without feeling dated – or sedated! When used in conjunction with clean, streamlined furnishings, geometric patterns, and bursts of color, mid-century never goes out of style. Browse through Shaw’s offerings; they have more browns than you ever thought possible!

Scandinavian Simplicity

Scandi emphasizes clean lines and a distinct lack of clutter. Far from being stark, though, Scandinavian simplicity exudes warmth and a true sense of home because everything has a place. Everything belongs. Everything works to create a striking aesthetic. It also harkens to the outdoors, with lots of natural light, light tones, houseplants and greenery, and inviting textures (like a chunky throw that warms you right up after an afternoon of skiing, sledding, or skating). This design style utilizes lots of neutrals with pops of pinks, blacks, and tans. Shaw, Urban Floor, and Provenza each boast a wide array of products that are a great match to the minimalism of Scandi.

Farmhouse Freshness

Like rustic approaches, farmhouse design brings us back to a simpler time and invites us to relax and luxuriate in the warmth of home. With warmer honey oaks and medium browns, it is easy to create a cozy space. Again, the world is your oyster in terms of the selections available from top manufacturers, so choose surfaces that resonate with you – and that look fantastic with your distressed furniture, vintage accessories, and shiplap or textured tile accents. While a “real” farmhouse would’ve used wide plank pine a century ago, we can achieve a far more durable, practical result with LVP today.

Wondering how different options and colors will look in your home? Use our Flooring Visualizer for information and inspiration.

Love Where You Live

… And where you walk, sleep, shower, entertain, relax. With the exceptional versatility of LVP, you can be sure of finding solutions that meet your needs and your budget. “Cheap” and “fake” will never come into the conversation, though “affordable,” “versatile,” “fantastic” probably will!

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