Q: Our narrow bathroom is perplexing us when it comes to selecting and thinking about our renovation. Can you give us some tips for getting beyond this?

A: Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, but one shape that definitely can be worked with is the narrow one! With focus on the right color, furniture and fixtures, you really shouldn’t have a problem resolving this one.


Here are a few of our favorite tips we’d like to share with you.


Color: When it comes to a narrow bathroom, one of your first considerations needs to be color, and that color scheme should be light, including whites or other neutrals.


Lighting: You might not have the space to be creative with, but that doesn’t mean you can’t extend your inspiration to the ceiling and add depth with the right light. Consider a pendant light, long and skinny, to mirror your narrow bathroom, and you change your ”problem” into feature you highlight instead.


Furniture: One option that the homeowner has for designing the space within a narrow bathroom is the placement of vanities, shelving and cabinets. We see many homeowners place a series of cabinets, sinks and mirrors along one side of the bathroom to streamline the entire room and to add to its functionality.


Walls: One creative way to add design and style to your bathroom is to do something unique with one wall of your narrow bathroom. Consider having stone or brick (even faux) along the length of it for spectacular texture. Other options could be to paint three of the four walls and leave one wall a different color.


Where are you in your bathroom reno process? Have you been dreaming of that new bathroom, collecting ideas and just waiting to find the right organization that can help make that dream come true?


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