Hey David, we are looking into a remodel project that will affect our kitchen, one bathroom and a dining room. The problem is, we have three kids and are a little hesitant to commit such a large portion of our home to an unusable state for any length of time. Would it be better to break up a large project into phases so we’re not sacrificing our lifestyle? —Travis

At Affordable Kitchens and Bathrooms we put a lot of focus on value-based decisions, and this is certainly one of them since you should decide whats best for your family. So, in order to answer your question I’ll break down the three main factors that will help you decide: time, cost, and convenience. Time | The timing factor is really pretty cut and dry. The more you have done at once, the faster it will get done. At AKB, we take care of everything, plumbing, tile, cabinets, drywall — everything. We’re good at coordinating the different processes and stages of a remodel. It’s what allows us to be efficient and deliver high quality and competitive pricing. Cost | Like most things, there is a direct relationship between how long something takes to create and how much it costs. The more efficient we can be with our time, the less your project will cost. Convenience | It really comes down to convenience. We strive to be as neat, clean, and unobtrusive as possible, but the presence of new people working in your home will have some kind of impact on your home and the way you use it. Breaking up a remodel project into smaller projects will take longer and therefore cost more. What you really need to consider is how much more and then equate that to the alternatives. For instance, if you decide the impact on your family will be too much—will the cost of your temporary lodging be less than the increase in cost of the project? We understand the impact a remodel project has on a home. All of us at AKB have gone through the process in our own homes. That’s why we emphasize minimizing the impact and maximizing cleanliness during any project. Be sure to talk to your contractor about how the project will affect your family. I encourage you to give us a call [1 (317)575.9540]. I’d be happy to show you how AKB strives to make the remodel process as smooth and painless as possible. Thanks Travis, —David