Our Process

Our Process


Work. School. Meetings. Traffic. Practices and rehearsals.

Life is hectic, and we all have obligations that strain our time and energy.

Then we get home. Home should be a refuge where we leave our worries at the door, kick off our shoes, and relax. Home should be a place where we love to live. The prospect of building or remodeling your home can be daunting, but we are here to help! From cabinetry and flooring to full kitchen and bathroom remodels, we remove the worry by guiding homeowners through design and installation to ensure they truly love where they live.

A kitchen or bathroom remodel is more than a project; it’s an opportunity to transform your home and implement the details – large and small – that will make you fall in love with it all over again. But it can also be trying; typically, homeowners experience a rollercoaster of emotions.

The “highs” are usually hit during the design phase and when you can see the work being completed: walls knocked down here, framing put up there. The “lows” may be frustration when work seems to slow (this is when the cement is curing, the mud is drying, and the contractor is communicating with inspectors), or when you’re just sick of having people, no matter how tidy and respectful, in your house!

The twists and turns of change orders, estimates, and project timelines can also get your heart racing. When you are undertaking an extensive kitchen or bathroom remodel, it is important to know what to expect — both in terms of the process and the emotions you can expect to experience during your project.

More About the Roller Coaster


Our Process

The ACo Way is our
commitment to you.

We want you to love where you live. We understand the challenges of having contractors and crews in your personal space. That’s why we take every step possible to ensure a positive experience.

The ACo Way is built on exceptional people, streamlined processes, and the ACo Guarantee.

We approach your home improvement project with meticulous planning and expert execution.

Our people leverage their creative thinking and technical skills to bring your vision to life with courtesy and consideration. This is your space, and we want your experience to be enjoyable and stress-free.

Our behind-the-scenes process is complex so your experience with us isn’t. We walk you through each step in a streamlined and efficient way. We handle the heavy lifting so you can enjoy watching your project come to life.

The ACo Way

  • 1. Design

    1. Design

    • Selections
    • Pricing
    • Drawings

  • 2. Measure

    2. Measure

    • Verify Measurements & Scope
    • Design Revisions
    • Finalized Drawings

  • 3. Install

    3. Install

    • Product Procurement
    • Scheduling
    • Installation

Our Process

You will love where you live.

This simple promise guides everything we do.

ACo offers a Change Order Guarantee. We produce detailed drawings, measure twice, and conduct onsite pre-construction visits, but surprises can lurk behind walls and under flooring. To account for these challenges, and build peace of mind into your project, we will cover up to $1000 of potentially hidden change orders.




    We produce detailed drawings, measure twice, conduct onsite pre-construction visits, and yet, surprises can lurk behind walls and inside floors.

  • $1,000 Change Order Guarantee

    $1,000 Change Order Guarantee

    The ACo Guarantee covers up to $1,000 of potentially hidden change orders. Another way we build peace of mind into your project.




    We also guarantee that you will love where you live. A promise that guides everything we do and that drives everyone who works on your project team.

Our Process

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